Robert Wyland Net Worth – Artist, Writer, Film Producer, and Conservationist

Known as one of the most famous artists in the nation, Robert Wyland is a muralist, writer, film producer, and conservationist. He has received numerous awards and exhibited his artwork in more than one hundred countries. His work has also been used in United Nations stamps and specialty license plates.

Wyland’s career has taken him around the world, and his mission is to engage people through nature-themed art. He has partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme and the United States Olympic Team for strategic alliances. He has also hosted television programs including “Wyland’s Art Studio” on the Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet Network. He has also traveled to grassroots conservation efforts in the Mississippi River.

Wyland’s artwork has been in more than one hundred museums in the United States and in more than 100 countries. He has also painted a mural on a 1,000-foot-long ship with life-size whales. His artwork has also been featured on specialty license plates in Florida and California. He has also exhibited his work at the Sawdust Festival.

Robert Wyland was born in Madison Heights, Michigan, on July 9, 1956. His parents, Bob and Darlene, separated when he was four. When he was fourteen, his family traveled to Laguna Beach, California, where Wyland grew to love the ocean. He began painting when he was just a teenager. His mother, Darlene, wanted him to paint an underwater world, just like her favorite marine biologist, Jacques Cousteau.

He studied painting at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. He started his career in the marine mammal conservation field, and then branched out to focus on urban runoff and marine trash problems. He also expanded the scope of his foundation to include U.S. waterways, and has also painted 100 Whaling Walls. He is currently a muralist in Laguna Beach, California. He paints every day. His art work is licensed for merchandise at zoos and hotels. His brand, Wyland Worldwide, generates millions of dollars by selling his artistic works to galleries and retailers.

As an artist, Wyland has sold several original oil paintings, including his “Surfing” oil painting, which sold for $480,000 to an art collector in Pennsylvania. He has also sold paintings that were not finished, such as his “Edge of the Sea” oil painting, which sold for $3,500. Wyland has also painted numerous pieces of art for his mother, and his paintings have sold for tens of thousands of dollars. His artwork is also available in 28 galleries. His artwork is sold to a variety of retailers, including zoos, hotels, and other institutions.

Wyland is a conservationist, painter, and educator. He has a mission to encourage people to protect the environment and marine life, and to engage them in nature-themed art. He has also partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme and Walt Disney Studios to develop strategic alliances. He has also been featured on the Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet Network, where he hosts “Wyland’s Ocean World.” He is a member of the National Society of Professional Marine Artists.