Robert Neulander Net Worth – How Much Is Robert Neulander Worth?

During his marriage, Robert Neulander and Leslie Neulander were considered to be an idyllic couple. They were both involved in the medical field, and Robert was an OB/GYN in Syracuse. They also have three children, including two daughters and one son. Their home in DeWitt, New York was valued at about $4 million. But it was sold before the incident. Neulander was getting less work than usual and was going through financial struggles. His divorce was pending when the murder occurred.

After Leslie died, her children went to a lawyer to figure out what the father was doing. He was reportedly attracted to a woman. He was also in a fight with his insurance company, and was embroiled in a battle over the policy.

On the day of Leslie’s death, her daughter Jenna testified that she was in her bedroom when her mother was killed. Jenna said she saw the blood on the walls of the room and the bed, and was on the phone when the call came. She also said she was there until 2 a.m. when she received the call from her father. The family was in New York from the date of the death.

At first, Leslie’s death was ruled as an accident. However, rumors started to circulate, and the police conducted a re-examination. The police also found blood on the blinds in the bedroom. They also thought that Leslie had slipped and fell in the shower. The jury unanimously convicted Neulander of murdering his wife. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

But, the New York State Supreme Court overturned the first conviction and ordered a new trial. In October, Neulander was scheduled to go to court for a second trial. He is now in custody at the Onondaga County Jail. During the trial, prosecutors contended that Neulander killed Leslie in a fit of rage. He was also accused of tampering with evidence. His trial lasted 13 days.

Robert Neulander’s defense attorney, Ed Menkin, denies all charges against him. However, he maintains that there was no motive for the crime, and that there is no evidence that the crime was committed by his client. In October, he requested a new trial. His son has also stated that his father didn’t commit the crime. He plans to file a new appeal for the second conviction.

During the trial, Robert Neulander’s attorney told the jury that Neulander was an active member of the community and that he had served as an OB/GYN. The jurors also read reports about the case. They also heard rumblings that the police were attempting to get Leslie back. They also heard a story from Fitzpatrick, the District Attorney, who said that he had heard similar rumblings. Fitzpatrick also testified that the apartment was shared by both Leslie and Neulander. In fact, it was the same apartment where John Neulander found Leslie dead.

When Robert Neulander was convicted, his family began to wonder whether their father was truly guilty of the crime. They were also concerned about the possible financial consequences of the conviction. The Neulanders were also facing the loss of their home. The Neulanders’ home was valued at $4 million, but the insurance company claimed that the insurance was not enough to cover the loss.