Ricky Lafleur Quotes

ricky lafleur quotes

Ricky Lafleur is one of the greatest players in NHL history. Though he is known as a laidback, funny person, he has a serious side as well. He is notorious for taking the easy way out, but sometimes shows dedication to his career and education. One of his trademarks is his use of malapropisms, which are called “Rickyisms.” His typical attire is black track pants and a Houndstooth patterned shirt. He enjoys listening to ’80s rock bands, particularly Canadian ones.

In his fictional life, Ricky uses cocaine with his friend Julian. They have been friends since childhood, and they almost act like a co-dependent pair. The relationship between them is the driving force behind Ricky’s antics. While he is good-natured and kind towards his friends, he is volatile and foul-mouthed. His reckless behavior makes many people dislike him.