Richard Crenna Net Worth

During his long and distinguished career, Richard Crenna has appeared in over 70 major motion pictures. He also became one of the most popular television actors and producers. Among his most acclaimed roles was in The Flamingo Kid, for which he received a Golden Globe nomination. He has a net worth estimated at $10 million.

Crenna was born in Los Angeles, California, on November 30, 1926. His father was a pharmacist, and his mother managed a small chain of hotels. During World War II, Crenna served in the United States Army. After his time in the service, he returned to school and earned a degree in English at the University of Southern California.

During his career, Crenna had various roles, and is known to have received award recognition for his performances in Slattery’s People (1964) and The Pride of St. Louis (1968). During the ’60s, he also directed many episodes of the Andy Griffith Show. He later became Vice-President of CBS. He has a website and Instagram account. He also has a Twitter account. He has three children.

Crenna’s first big screen role was in the 1950s, and he went on to appear in several films over the next two decades. He made his film debut with a bit part in the Fred Astaire film Let’s Dance. He then took on a variety of supporting roles in films and television series. He later starred in the ’60s series The Real McCoys, which ran for five years and was a huge success.

He continued acting in Western dramas in the 1970s. In 1976, Crenna returned to television in All’s Fair, which was a political satire. The show lasted one season, and Crenna had the opportunity to work with actress Kathleen Nolan. Crenna also had a role in the remake of the classic movie Sabrina. He won an Emmy for his performance in the movie. Crenna also received a nomination for Best TV Star – Male in 1965. He appeared in several made-for-TV movies over the next 20 years.

Crenna also appeared in the movie The Sand Pebbles. He had a co-starring role with Steve McQueen. Crenna also appeared in the film Centennial, in which he played Frank Skimmerhorn. In the film, he was known to decipher Japanese intercepts. He also appeared in the mini-series Our Miss Brooks. In the series, he played the klutzy character of Walter Denton. Crenna left Our Miss Brooks in 1956, when he was just thirty years old. The show was later transferred to television, and Crenna insisted that he return.

Crenna was married twice. His first wife was Joan Grisham, and he had one child with her. He later married Hannah Smith Sweeny, and the two had two children together. The couple divorced shortly after the marriage.

Crenna later appeared in a number of films in the ’60s, including Judging Amy, Father Knows Best, and Red Ryder. He also made an appearance in the TV series One Man’s Family. In the ’80s, he appeared in The Flamingo Kid and starred in several made-for-TV movies. He also played a part in the remake of the classic movie Sabrina, in which he played Patrick Tyson.