Reviver Clothing Swipes Net Worth 2022

Founders Ben and Eric Kusin are claiming to have a total of $500K in sales this year, but they’re not sure that’s enough. The boys say that they’re working on a new launch and have plans to reach $4 million in sales by the end of the year. Their product is similar to breath mints, but it’s used to freshen clothes instead.

Ben and Eric are the founders of Reviver Clothing Swipes, which is a brand of wipes designed to remove unwanted odors from your clothing. The wipes are available at stores like Walgreens and Petco, and can be purchased online through the company’s website. They’re also sold at Caesars Entertainment casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The Kusins have also invested in a Malibu Poke restaurant in Dallas.

Ben and Eric Kusin originally created Reviver while they were working at Vivendi Games, where they served as marketing executives. After they had their idea, they recruited their younger brother Eric as the chief operational officer. Eric had worked as a senior buyer for Neiman Marcus, and he went on to earn a JD/MBA from the University of Texas. He had also worked as a marketing executive at EA.

Ben and Eric were initially looking for $150,000 for 5% of their business. They pitched their idea on Shark Tank, and Lori Greiner offered them $150,000 for a 15 percent equity share. Lori also emphasized that she could get the wipes stocked in a number of large retail chains, which would help to build Reviver’s brand. However, Mark Cuban said that the product was just a ‘formula’ and that he did not believe it was a technological breakthrough. But Ben and Benson explained to Robert Herjvec that they needed some kind of investment to grow their business.

Ben and Benson were hoping to secure an investment from Barbara Corcoran, but the businesswoman said she would not invest in privileged kid businesses. She said that she prefers to invest in companies that are proven and successful, and not in rich kid businesses. However, they haven’t posted any new updates on social media since January. They’ve also not updated their website since July.

They’ve also appeared on other shows, including Shark Tank. Mark Cuban called Reviver a ‘formulation’ and said that he didn’t believe it was a technological breakthrough. However, Ben and Benson explained that they needed an investor with experience in the business to help them reach their goals. They also explained to Robert Herjvec that they were looking for an investment of at least $150,000, and that they wanted to purchase a 5% share of the company.

Ben and Benson are looking to expand their retail presence, and have a meeting with Walmart in August. They’re also looking to get Reviver sold in Walgreens and Petco locations across the country. They’re planning to reach a total of $5 million in sales in 2021. They’ve sold more than 200,000 packages so far, and they’ve already made over $500K this year. However, they haven’t posted much about their product on social media.