Rengoku Quotes

Throughout his life, Rengoku tries to make sure that no one will feel bad after his departure. He often tells himself, his brother, and others this before he leaves the world. The final words that he says to Tanjiro are meant to make sure that he never forgets.

Kyojuro rengoku quotes

Kyojuro Rengoku was born into a Demon Slayer family, with special abilities. His father was known as Flame Hashira, and he grew up following in his footsteps. He is adored by his younger brother, Senjuro. His father, however, was not as affectionate and was aggressive towards him. This made Kyojuro very worried.

Rengoku also told Tanjiro that he should not be devastated by weakness and inadequacy. Instead, he should be driven by passion and rage. These qualities will help him survive and thrive in life.

Rengoku’s last words

Despite his ill-fated battle with the Demon, Rengoku didn’t show any regret and gave Tanjiro an important message in his last words. Despite his strict and uptight manner, Rengoku had a pure heart. He would die for this message.

His last words to his family are a moving reminder of his love for his family. He cared deeply for his father, Shinjuro, and encouraged his younger brother, Senjuro. He wished for his family and friends the best. His last words were “take care of your body” – a message he believed would be valuable to his son.

Tanjiro’s reaction to rengoku’s death

In this chapter, Tanjiro Kamado learns of his weaknesses as a novice demon slayer and realizes that he cannot interfere with Rengoku’s battle against the demon Akaza. He is also told to relay Rengoku’s final words to Tanjiro before he passes away.

This scene is reminiscent of the scene in the final episode where Tanjiro tells his father that Rengoku had died during the battle against Akaza. When Inosuke sees how strong his son had become, he feels further grief. He later admits to drowning himself in sake.