R&B Tea Room in Rowland Heights, New York

A well-known Asian tea brand, R&B Tea Room, is making its way into the United States market. The company currently has over 800 locations in Asia, and is now expanding into the United States. The company offers a variety of teas and other beverages, and offers a cozy environment to enjoy them in.

The Rowland Heights location of R&B Tea is also available for delivery via Uber Eats. To place an order, use the Uber Eats app or visit the restaurant’s website. Once your order arrives, you can view it and give it a review. Once your order is delivered, you can choose delivery, takeout, or dine-in.

R&B Tea uses high-quality ingredients from around the world to create delicious drinks. The company sources matcha from Japan and premium tea leaves from Taiwan. It also uses fresh kumquat juice from Vietnam to create fresh, flavorful drinks. With more than 1500 locations globally, R&B Tea can be found in many different cities. It has locations in Taiwan, Singapore, China, and the United States.