Raul Brindis Net Worth

Despite the fact that he may seem like an ordinary guy, there are a lot of things about him that you may not know. Here are just a few: He is gay, he has a good job, and he is worth millions of dollars.

About raul brindis

Besides being a radio show host, Raul Brindis is also a Mexican TV personality. He is famous for a variety of reasons, not least of which is his role in the television show Selena: Noche de estrellas (2005) and the movie Viva el sueo! (2009).

Raul Brindis has been on top of the Houston radio world for the past seven years. His show is broadcast through the Univision Radio network from five to eleven in the morning. The show is one of the top rated morning radio shows in Houston. His show also holds the record for the longest running morning show in the city.

In addition to his radio show, Brindis also hosts a morning show on KLTN. The show has been ranked among the top morning shows in the city for several years. He also works as a program director for the No. 1 station in Houston. He also has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. He has been married for several years and has a young son. Brindis lives in a quiet house in a gated community south of Jersey Village. He also likes to play golf on the weekends. He has collected $350,000 for a Mexican girl in need of a transplant. He also has a personal email.

There are many sources of income for Raul Brindis, but he prefers a modest lifestyle. His net worth is estimated to be between one million and five million dollars as of 2022. Some of his sources of income include his show, his books, and his albums. He also has several verified professional contacts. A typical American is expected to earn about $48,000 a year.

The best way to know about Raul Brindis is to watch his show. His show is in Spanish and is broadcast from five to eleven in the morning. He also has a morning show on KLTN and a show on UniMas. There is no official website for Raul Brindis, but there is a site called Ganeem. The site is a government site for Mexico. The site also has a few other useful gizmos.


Currently, Brindis serves as the program director for the number one station in Houston. He also works as a guest judge for the Objetivo Fama singing talent contest on Univision. His show, “El Show de Raul Brindis,” has reached over one million monthly listeners. He is the creator of the comedy show “Raul Brindis y Pepito.” The show features a cast of familiar characters as well as fictional characters, such as El Lobo from Little Red Riding Hood. Brindis also has his own show in Las Vegas.

Raul Brindis has been working in radio for over 25 years. He has been recognized with several awards. He has received the Marconi Radio Award, as well as the Mr. Turista of South Texas award. He has also been nominated for the Radio Hall of Fame.

Raul Brindis started his career in radio at the age of 26. He attended college and earned a degree in civil engineering. His dream was to become a pro soccer player. He worked in Fort Worth and Los Angeles before landing in Houston. He also worked in Chicago. He has a wife, a brunette. His wife says she showed no interest in him when they first met.

Raul Brindis has a unique brand of humor. His show is broadcast throughout the world through the Univision radio network. His listeners enjoy a thoughtful reflection on life, as well as interviews with celebrities and sports stars. He also provides an opportunity for his listeners to share their opinions on the show.

Raul Brindis is a native of Mexico, and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. He was born in Matamoros, Tamaulipas. His career began with his talent as a singer. He has performed with Montez de Durango and El Tri. He won a radio singing contest. He has also worked with St. Jude Research Hospital and Shriners Hospital for Children. Brindis has a deep commitment to his community. He has helped support earthquake victims and hurricane victims. He has also been a strong voice for flood victims. He has been awarded a number of awards for his contributions to the Hispanic community, and will be honored at the Houston Air Award.

Personal life

Among the many notable personalities of the Spanish-language media, Raul Brindis is a prominent one. His radio show, ‘El Show de Raul Brindis y Pepito,’ is a favorite among listeners in Houston, Texas. The show, which airs from Monday through Wednesday, reaches over one million listeners each month. Its popularity also makes it one of the most popular radio shows in the city.

Brindis’s show has made its mark in the Houston market, where it is the seventh largest media market in the United States. For many years, his show was the top-rated morning show in Houston. During the recent Hurricane Harvey, Brindis served as an invaluable voice for victims of the floods. He also won a prestigious award, the Radio Hall of Fame award, which was presented to him in 2014.

The most important thing about Brindis is that he has a deep commitment to the community, something that has been rewarded over the years. For example, he partnered with St. Jude Research Hospital and Shriners Hospital for Children. He has also provided support to victims of hurricanes and earthquakes. He also has an extensive history of fundraising for Mexican children in need of a transplant. A recent $350,000 fundraiser was a particularly impressive feat.

Aside from his show, Brindis has a long list of accomplishments. He has won several awards and been nominated for the Radio Hall of Fame. In the United States, his show has aired in 20 markets and reaches over a million listeners monthly. He is also the program director for the No. 1 radio station in Houston. He is also a philanthropist, and has partnered with many other organizations over the years.

Despite his success, Brindis prefers a modest lifestyle. He lives in a gated community south of Jersey Village. He has a wife and children, but they don’t spend much time together. He has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. His office is organized and meticulously arranged. He has an impressive collection of portraits lined the credenza behind him. He also has an impressive personal email address. As of 2022, he is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million – $5 million.

Sexual orientation

Several years after the death of Raul Brindis, a Houston radio host named Roberto HernA!ndez was subjected to a prank call. The caller claimed to have met R.H. at a gay bar in San Francisco, and said that he was having a conversation on a radio show.

The call was made without the listener’s consent, and it included derogatory terms against homosexuals. However, HernA!ndez did not recognize the area code, so he did not know who the caller was. The caller continued to make small talk with Hernandez, and asked when he would be back at the club. After the call, Hernandez escaped daily harassment by police.

In 2002, a listener named R.H. received a phone call from a man who claimed to be Raul Brindis. The caller told R.H. that he was having a conversation on the Houston radio show. The caller identified himself as Raul Brindis and Pepito, and laughed when Roberto Hernandez revealed his sexual orientation.

After the call, the man who called R.H. switched jobs and went to work for private industry contractor Blackwater Industries. He was awarded nearly $250,000 for emotional distress and economic damages. The judge also awarded R.H. nearly $20,000 in economic damages.

The radio show “Show de Raul Brindis y Pepito” airs on Univision Radio in Houston. The show is a morning program, and runs from 5:00 AM to 11:00 AM. The program has built an audience by playing edgy conversations and double-entendres. In the first few weeks of the show, negative calls were received. However, these calls were replaced with positive calls.

The legal defense for the show says that Brindis was only disciplined for talking on the radio without the listener’s consent. However, attorneys for Univision Radio did not comment on the case. The prank call on the radio show led to the outing of Hernandez.

Raul Brindis was born in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. He prefers a modest lifestyle, and has several sources of income. He has an estimated net worth of $1 million – $5 million as of 2022.