R.M Drake Quotes About Love and Heartbreak

heartbreak rm drake quotes

R.M. Drake is an author, poet, and writer who often writes about the heartbreak of relationships. His quotes are relatable because they capture the sadness of an inner person despite the beauty of the world around her. Read these quotes about love and heartbreak from R.M. Drake and discover new insights into your own life.

“Love is a feeling you cannot explain.” – RM Drake. The words in this quote are so beautiful that they can touch anyone’s heart. And not just any writer can do that. But with the growing digital world, we have the opportunity to read and listen to great writers, like RM Drake. If you’re in need of a boost of motivation to start a new life, these words can be your answer.

“A poem should not be a one-word statement. Poetry is a multi-dimensional art form. It can express many emotions and be written in a variety of styles.” – RM Drake’s poems are based on the experiences of real people. He is a self-published author and has over 2.5 million Instagram followers.