Quotes on Powerlessness

quotes on powerlessness

If you feel powerless, you are not. The truth is that feeling powerless is completely different than being powerless. There are several factors to consider. One of them is the inability to communicate. Another is man’s subconscious drive to destroy. No matter what the cause of your powerlessness, there are ways to overcome your feelings and find peace.

Feeling powerless is not the same as being powerless

Feeling powerless is a common reaction to a difficult situation. It can be very distressing. It makes people feel hopeless, angry, or frustrated. People who feel powerless usually have little control over what’s happening to them. Often, they end up giving up and giving in to despair. This feeling can also make them fall victim to depression and anger. It is also a sign of a lack of faith. Feeling powerless means you believe that you have no control over your situation, but in reality, you have a choice in how you respond to those circumstances.

People who experience feelings of powerlessness are less likely to take care of their health or to take action. They may repeat harmful situations or engage in compulsive behaviors. They may also become depressed and insecure.

Man’s subliminal urge to destroy

Man’s subliminal urge to destroy is a self-destructive urge that he feels to kill the experience and himself. The idea he had for a book may rise into consciousness in a lucent moment, but the book will not be read. Man’s subliminal urge to destroy resides beneath our consciousness, where we seldom notice it, but it is the most terrifying aspect of human nature.