Quote of the Day – William Bradford

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Satan’s kingdom

William Bradford, in his book, Of Plymouth Plantation, argues that Satan’s kingdom is divided between two parts. The first is the part where Satan and his followers are arguing about whether or not to continue their war against God, while the second is the part where they are debating whether to accept the consequences of their disobedience. Satan is the one who sows errors and heresies. His work centers on pride, ambition, and corrupt passions. Bradford hated catholicism, which caused the split between Protestants and Catholics, and argues that the protestant revolution should have been focused on abolishing the trinity.

The second section of the novel, Book II, encourages identification with fallen angels. Yet, these angels are also very human. As a result, they must deal with the uncertainties of life and the conflicts of mind. The characters of Book II struggle with the contrasting states of mind and a sense of uncertainty.

Is it a kingdom?

When Jesus was speaking about his kingdom, he compared it to a tree. The tree represents the kingdom of God. The birds are Satan and the farmer represents Christ. When the kingdom grows, the birds come. They want to live in the kingdom and worship God. However, the birds will not come until God makes it a kingdom.