Puma Black Ink Net Worth

Several years back, Puma made a t-shirt line called the Black Ink series, and its stars have been enjoying their time in the limelight. These stars include Dutchess Lattimore, Teddy Ruks, and Young Bae. Whether you like their style or not, you’ll have to admit they’re gorgeous.

Teddy Ruks

During his time on VH1’s Black Ink Crew, Puma Robinson was a central character in the show’s first four seasons. Although he was not seen much during the show’s fifth season, he returned to the series as a guest star in the sixth and seventh seasons.

Puma’s main source of income comes from his appearances on the show. He has also branched out into his own clothing line, IUFO. The line features t-shirts that pay homage to the Notorious B.I.G. and other popular celebrities.

Puma was born on February 13, 1982, in New York City, NY. He is a public relations executive. He has also managed to earn a name for himself as a local graffiti artist in NYC. During his time on the show, he was a co-worker at Art 2 Ink, the shop that featured on the show.

Puma’s net worth is estimated at $150K. He has also earned money through his social media presence and appearances on the show. He has also started his own clothing line and owns a car.

He has a significant number of followers on Instagram. He also has a Twitter account with more than 60,000 followers. The most popular content on his Instagram account is the video titled “The One.” He has also branched out into the world of social media influencers. The Influencers Meet Brands is a Facebook group for influencers.

Young Bae

‘Black Ink’ is a reality television series that follows the daily operations of an African American owned tattoo parlor in Harlem, New York. It premiered on VH1 in America on January 7, 2013. Since its debut, the show has aired more than 170 episodes. It follows the owner, staff, and clientele of Black Ink.

The cast of the show includes the members with stage names of Sassy, Sky, and Ceaser. They are also the stars of an athleisure brand. Their net worth is estimated to be in the range of $100,000 – $1 million.

The show is not just about tattoos, but it also deals with the reality of being a reality TV star. Some of the members of the show have left the show for different reasons. Others have gone back when things are going well. However, not everyone can make money from being a reality star.

The show is also known for its cast members’ prowess in tattoo art. One of the show’s stars, Young Bae, is a South Korean national. She came to the US to escape an abusive father. She graduated from the Chugye University for the Arts in South Korea. She also owns her own tattoo parlor. She is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Bobby. Their son, Niko, was born in 2014.

Other members of the show include Paul “Puma” Robinson, who started off as a regular cast member on the show. He was originally the public relations manager of Art 2 Ink tattoo studio. He has a daughter, Tamia. Puma took a break from the show during the fourth season.

Sky Days

Known as the “Queen of The Mixxxys”, Sky Days is a reality TV star and one of the members of the Black Ink Crew. She is also a makeup artist and has been featured in some fashion shows.

Sky Days was born in Harlem, New York, on September 19, 1983. She is of Haitian descent. She has a fair complexion and brown eyes. She is five feet four inches tall. She has black hair. She is a fitness fanatic. She is also a big fan of plastic surgery.

Sky Days has two sons. One was born when she was 14 years old and the other was born at age 16. She gave them up for adoption when she was 16.

In her teen years, Sky Days became pregnant. She dated a man named Teddy. She hoped to become a mother again. Unfortunately, she did not have enough money to raise her son. So, she let him go for adoption. Sky then had a second son when she was sixteen.

In addition to her work as a makeup artist, Sky Day also worked as a receptionist for a tattoo parlor in Harlem. She was also featured in the show “Scared Famous” to promote awareness of domestic violence. She has appeared in various fashion shows and has been invited to the “Hollywood Squares” event. She is also known for her love of tattoos.

O’Shit Duncan

Originally from South Carolina, O’Shit Duncan is a reality star and cast member of the show Black Ink Crew. He has a net worth of $350,000, which comes from the money he earns from his show and as a tattoo artist. He has been a cast member of the show since Season One and has appeared as a guest star in the show’s two most recent seasons.

Before he was a cast member of Black Ink, O’Shit Duncan worked as a tattoo artist. He worked with Ceaser in his parlour. He also worked with Dutchess Lattimore, another cast member.

Besides being a reality star, O’Shit Duncan is a father of five children, three of whom are with different baby mamas. He has also been married to Nikki. They live together in Atlanta. They have a daughter named Nova Rae Rose.

Puma Robinson is an American PR executive. He is the Public Relations Manager for Art2Ink, a tattoo studio in New York. He was a cast member of Black Ink from Season One to Season Six. He took a break in Season Four, but returned in Season Six as a guest star. His net worth is estimated at $150,000. He is married to reality star Shaquana Robinson. They have a daughter named Tamia.

Cesar David Emmanuel is an entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist. He is the owner of the first famous Afro-American tattoo parlor. He has a daughter and a son. He also has relationships with Dutchess Latimore and Karlie Redd.

Dutchess Lattimore

Despite being the most successful member of the ‘Black Ink Crew’, Dutchess Lattimore has had a very tough time with her mental health. She was bullied and harassed by her co-workers, and it even led to death threats. She reportedly thought of taking her own life.

Dutchess Lattimore was born in Lincolnton, North Carolina. She attended A&T State University, and received a degree in Business Management with a concentration in Visual Art. She later went to graduate school, earning an MBA. She is currently working in a tattoo shop in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dutchess Lattimore has also worked as a paid model for publications. She has also branched out into music, with a single called Love Me. She is also a social media influencer. She has been featured in shows such as Urban Ink and Sister Circle Live. She also has her own tattoo shop, called Pretty-N-Ink, in Charlotte.

Dutchess Lattimore earned a considerable sum of money from her appearance on the popular reality television show, Black Ink Crew. Her earnings came from appearances on the show, as well as brand deals through her Instagram account. She is the only female member of the studio.

Before her reality show appearances, Dutchess Lattimore worked in a tattoo studio in New York. She worked for a boss named Ceaser Emanuel. In early seasons of the show, Dutchess Lattimore was engaged to Ceaser Emanuel, but the relationship ended in 2015.

The show took off, and it was a big hit for the network. It has since spawned several spinoffs in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Donna Lombardi

During season nine of Black Ink Crew, there was some scuttlebutt that Alex Robinson and Donna Lombardi were engaged. This is not the first time that Donna and Alex have been linked to one another. They first met in season six of Black Ink and their relationship took off.

During season nine, the pair had serious issues. Many fans felt that something was amiss and that VH1 should permanently fire Donna.

During this time, Donna had an ectopic pregnancy. Her Fallopian tube was removed. While she had to have surgery, it was a good thing.

On the flip side, Donna lost a child. She had an ectopic pregnancy, which is a fertilized egg implanted outside of the uterus. It was a good thing she was able to have an emergency surgery to remove the fallopian tube.

During Season 6, Donna and Alex began dating. Their relationship progressed to the point that Alex proposed to her during the season finale.

Although they have had issues in the past, the two are still engaged. They have a son, who turns six this year.

Donna Emanuel is a famous tattoo artist and a cosmetologist. She has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

During the last few years, she has been involved in several charity efforts. She has launched her own line of CBD infused juices and dinners. In addition, she has launched a merchandise line on Twitter.