Puddin Fab Shop Net Worth

Located in Tecumseh, Oklahoma, Puddin’s Fab Shop has a few tricks up its sleeve. Some of the more notable include their 1964 international c900 and a slew of air bags. It might be a bit of a detour for most folks, but it is worth the trip. The staff is top notch and the place is a treat for anyone visiting the Emerald City. They are also well stocked in the apparel department with a nice selection of ladies apparel. Those lucky enough to score an appointment with Puddin might even get a chance to try out the latest in women’s fashion. The place is also home to the Tecumseh Optimists, a social group dedicated to promoting positive change in their community. Puddin is on the board, so he is not in the office much of the time. Despite his busy schedule, he is not known to be short on advice. He is a firm believer in a happy customer, and his employees are proof.

Puddin’s Fab Shop has its fair share of high-flyers, including a handful of celebrities, but it is the slew of talented employees and their feisty boss that have turned the place into a veritable oasis. The company has been around for just under four years and the staff consists of six full-time employees with an additional five part-time workers in the works.