Provider ST235/85R16 Load Range G Review

The ST235/85R16 load range G tire has a load index of 132 and can carry up to 4400 pounds per single tire. This tire is also available in a dual rear wheel application. It has a maximum air pressure of 758 kilopascals.

It comes with a two-year warranty, but it is worth noting that it costs less than its nearest competitor. It has a radial construction, which provides a stable ride on the highway. It also features double polyester cords and steel belts. Aside from its radial construction, the Provider ST tire is also available in gray color.

Its size is 235/85R16, making it ideal for trailers and RVs. It is manufactured by the GREMAX tire brand. It has a load capacity of 3860 pounds, a speed/load rating of 132/127M, and a 6.5-inch rim width. This tire can be used on most vehicles.

If you’re looking for a quality trailer tire, the Taskmaster Provider ST Radial is an excellent option. Its load range is E, and it comes in 13-16 inch sizes. Its steel belted construction promotes even tread wear and a longer tire life. Overall, the Provider ST radial is a decent trailer tire, offering good traction and stability. The ST radial is suitable for trailers with stiffer suspensions.