Will there be a Raaz 5?

Will there be a Raaz 5?

To which the filmmaker said, “Raaz is not my franchise, it is Mukesh Bhatt’s franchise, and I think even if Raaz 5 is happening I am not doing it.” So, my next project is creating memories with my loved ones, and then perhaps I will start something,” the filmmaker added.

How many? RaazMovies are there?


Raaz: The Mystery Continues2009Raaz3: The Third Dimension2012Raaz Reboot2016


It is Raaz2 hit or flop

Raaz 2 grossed ₹345.0 million (US$4.6 million) at the end of theatrical run in India and it is declared a Hit.

It is Raaz aReal story?

Producer Mahesh Bhatt describes Raaz3 aMix of three real-life stories about actress Bipasha Basu and Vikram Bhatt, writer Shagufta Raffique and director Vikram Bhatt. “Bipasha was in aShe was at a point in her real life when she was devastated and her career was on the verge of collapse.

Who is the villain in Raaz reboot?

Trilok, an Indian student blind, is studying Psychometry in Romania. The scene then changes and Trilok enters Adityashrivastava (Emraan Hashimi), to rescue his lady-love from the evil spirit.

It is RaazRemake of What Lies Beneath

Raaz(Dino Morea and Bipasha Basu). aremake of What Lies Beneath. Awara Paagal Deewana (Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Aftab Shivdasani, Paresh Rawal, Amrita Arora, Preeti Jhangiani) was aRemake of The Whole Nine Yards.

Is Gangster 2006 aGood movie?

Gangster is aAnurag basu directs this romantic thriller in Hindi-language 2006 from India. It stars Emraan Hashmi, Shiney Ahuja and Kangana Ranaut. The music is composed by Pritam….Gangster (2006 film)

Directed By Anurag Basu
Screenplay by Mahesh Bhatt Anurag Basu
Story by Mahesh Bhattat
Produced By Mahesh Bhatti Mukesh Bhatti

Is Dino moresi a Parsi?

Dino Morea was born to an Indian mother and an Italian dad in Bangalore, India. His mother is from Kalamassery, Kochi. His family moved from Italy to Bangalore, Karnataka when he was 7.

It is RaazReboot aIs it a hit or flop decision?


First Week: 22,53,00,000
Budget: 31,00,00,000
India Gross 34,62,00,000
Gross exports: $350,000
Gross domestic product: 36,96,50,000

Who is the professor in this movie? Raaz?

Police call Professor Agni Swoop (Ashutosh Rana), who is said to be an expert in phenomena involving supernatural and unexplained phenomena, to investigate the matter. Prof.

Who is the ghost in real life? Raaz movie?

She finds out that he is keeping ‘Raaz’ which has now started to haunt their life. It is revealed that Aditya was the ghost Rehaan had killed to protect Shaina’s bad intentions. The first RaazIt was an unofficial adaptation to What Lies Beneath.

Who are the players in Raaz2 The Mystery Continues

Raaz:2 The Mystery continues 1 Emraan Hashimi as Prithvi S 2 Kangana Ranaut portrays Nandita Chopra 3 Adhyayan Singh as Yash Dayal 4 Jackie Shroff portrays Veer Pratap Singh 5 Khushboo Gwal portrays Caran (Karen),

How did Nisha’s death in the movie happen? Raaz?

Nisha (Mink Brar), one of the girls in that group, is killed after being attacked outside. aThe bungalow is located in the middle of the forest. She had also attacked her boyfriend, but he was able to live with his injuries.

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