Why was Nirvana MTV Unplugged?

Why was Nirvana MTV Unplugged?

Nirvana wanted to do something different from a typical MTV Unplugged performance; according to drummer Dave Grohl, “We’d seen the other Unpluggeds and didn’t like many of them, because most bands would treat them like rock shows—play their hits like it was Madison Square Garden, except with acoustic guitars.”

When did Nirvana play MTV Unplugged?


On this day in 1993: Nirvana record their MTV Unplugged in New York performance | Hotpress.

Did Kurt Cobain have a funeral?

Memorial and cremation On April 10, 1994, a public memorial service was held at Seattle Center, where a recording of Courtney Love reading Cobain’s suicide note was played. Near the end of the vigil, Love arrived, and distributed some of his clothing to fans who remained.

What was Nirvana’s biggest crowd?

The biggest shows Nirvana ever played were in Brazil in January 1993 with attendances of over 100,000 people each night.

Where is Kurt Cobain’s remains?

His family chose to cremate his remains, and his ashes were scattered in a special memorial service in a private location. According to Distractify, fans who would like to reflect on Cobain’s life and contributions to music history can visit Kurt Cobain Memorial Park in Aberdeen, Washington.

Who has control of Kurt Cobain’s estate?

Cobain’s wife, Courtney Love, became the executor of his estate. Cobain’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, was just 20 months old when her famous father died by suicide but when she turned 18 she inherited 37% of Cobain’s estate, according to Trust Counsel, which had appreciated nicely.

When did Nirvana perform on MTV Unplugged?

Nirvana taped their performance for MTV Unplugged on November 18, 1993, at Sony Studios in New York City.

What kind of band is MTV Unplugged in New York?

MTV Unplugged in New York is a live album by American rock band Nirvana.

Who was the director of MTV Unplugged 1993?

The show was directed by Beth McCarthy and aired on the cable television network MTV on December 16, 1993. In a break with MTV Unplugged convention, Nirvana played mainly lesser-known material and covers of songs by the Vaselines, David Bowie, Lead Belly and Meat Puppets.

When did Nirvana perform in New York City?

Nirvana taped their performance on November 18, 1993, at Sony Studios in New York City. Cobain suggested that the stage be decorated with stargazer lilies, black candles, and a crystal chandelier. Coletti asked him, “You mean like a funeral?”, to which Cobain replied, “Exactly.

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