Why did Western Airlines 2605 crash?

Why did Western Airlines 2605 crash?

The event is the third-deadliest aviation accident to occur on Mexican soil after the crashes of two Boeing 727s: the 1969 crash of Mexicana Flight 704 and Mexicana Flight 940 in 1986….Western Airlines Flight 2605.

Date 31 October 1979
Summary Crashed into construction equipment during landing on a closed runway;

What year did Western airlines go out of business?


Western Airlines

Commenced operations April 17, 1926
Ceased operations April 1, 1987 (merged with Delta Air Lines)
Hubs Denver Los Angeles Salt Lake City
Fleet size 78

What happened James polehinke?

Just after 6 a.m. on Aug. 27, 2006, pilot Jeffrey Clay and co-pilot James Polehinke mistakenly used a runway at Lexington’s Blue Grass Airport that was too short for the size of the Comair jet. The runway also was unlit. Polehinke was at the controls when the plane crashed into a field, where it burned.

Are there any black owned airlines?

One of The Largest Black-Owned Airlines Is Being Run By A Savvy 29 Year-Old Woman. You may not have known that there are black-owned airlines, but guess again. Sherrexcia ‘Rexy’ Rolle is the Vice President of Operations and General Counsel for Western Air, a Bahamas-based black-owned aviation business.

Who survived Comair Flight 5191?

Jim Polehinke

It was an honest mistake.” Izzo, who is now flying for a different airline, knew the lone survivor of 5191 fairly well. He once shared the Comair flight deck with First Officer Jim Polehinke.

Who died in flight 5191?

Combs and Jon Hooker were cousins. Hooker was one of the 49 people who died in the crash. The plane was heading to Atlanta, where Hooker and his wife, Scarlett, were stopping en route to their honeymoon.

When did Western Airlines Flight 2605 crash in Mexico?

On October 31, 1979, at 5:42 a.m. CST (UTC−06:00), the aircraft used for the flight, a McDonnell Douglas DC-10, crashed at Mexico City International Airport in fog, after landing on a runway closed for maintenance.

Who was the captain of Western Airlines 2605?

On the accident flight, the aircraft carried 76 passengers and 13 crew. Flight 2605 was piloted by captain Charles Gilbert (53), first officer Ernst Reichel (46) and flight engineer Daniel Walsh (39).

What was the name of the Western Airlines Flight?

Western Airlines Flight 2605, nicknamed the “Night Owl”, was an international scheduled passenger flight from Los Angeles, California, to Mexico City, Mexico.

What was the ALPA report on the Western Airlines crash?

While the ALPA report conceded that the pilots had landed on the wrong runway in the face of published minimums, it criticized the Mexican accident report as being of “inadequate depth and detail” and containing “significant errors.”

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