Who owns the ArcLight Hollywood property?

Who owns the ArcLight Hollywood property?

The Decurion Corporation

All 15 screens featured stadium seating, and carried a THX certification for optimal sound and picture presentation….ArcLight Hollywood.

Address 6360 West Sunset Boulevard Hollywood, California United States
Parking Adjacent garage
Owner The Decurion Corporation
Opened 2002

Who bought the ArcLight?

AMC Theatres

It’s Official: AMC Theatres to Run L.A.’s Grove, Americana Cinemas. The two locations will reopen in August. AMC also revealed it could take over additional sites that were previously part of Pacific Theatres.

When did ArcLight open?


ArcLight, launched in 2002, had 11 locations, including six in the Los Angeles area.

When did the Cinerama Dome close?

The Cinerama dome continued as a leading first-run theater, most recently as part of the ArcLight Hollywood complex, until it closed temporarily in March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic….Cinerama Dome.

Designated December 18, 1998
Reference no. 659

What happens to ArcLight giftcards?

Not valid towards purchase of gift cards. Except as required by law, value of this card not redeemable for cash and will not be replaced if the card is lost or stolen, destroyed or used without your permission.

Who bought Pacific theaters?

Pacific Theatres

Pacific Theatres headquarters on Robertson Blvd.
Fate Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation
Headquarters Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Products Motion pictures, movie theaters
Owner The Decurion Corporation

What will happen to ArcLight Hollywood?

Decurian, owner of the Arclight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres announced last month the chain won’t be reopening even as Los Angeles is. Its crown jewel is the Hollywood Arclight on Sunset Boulevard, one of the highest-grossing movie theaters in the nation, and the adjacent Cinerama Dome beloved by filmmakers.

What will happen to the Arclight?

What will happen to Cinerama?

Hollywood mourns the closure of the Cinerama Dome, but there’s hope for the landmark. Decurion announced Monday that its Pacific Theatres and ArcLight Cinema locations would close permanently. It’s unclear what will become of any of its theaters or the two brands.

How old is the Arclight Theater in Hollywood?

The iconic theater, with its dome consisting of more than 300 pentagonal and hexagonal panels, has hosted countless Hollywood movie premieres over the span of nearly 60 years. Its closure has led to an outpouring of grief on social media.

Is the ArcLight cinema going to reopen?

ArcLight and Pacific movie theaters will not reopen. Copy Link URL Copied! Hollywood heavyweights are rallying to save ArcLight Cinemas after the owner of the beloved theater chain announced that its doors would not reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic took an extreme financial toll on the moviegoing industry.

Is there a Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles?

“That Hollywood location, and specifically the Cinerama Dome, is rich with history, and among the most iconic locations in Los Angeles. It’s also one of the highest performing theaters in the country. It certainly feels like that location will be saved, if it is indeed in need of saving.”

When did the Cinerama Theater in Los Angeles close?

It’s unclear what will become of any of its theaters or the two brands. The closure of these historic theaters, which includes the iconic Cinerama, led to an outpouring of grief on social media. People wearing protective face masks walk by the closed Cinerama Dome theatre during the coronavirus pandemic on April 18, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.

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