Who does Akari end up with in a lull in the sea?

Who does Akari end up with in a lull in the sea?

However, after Miori passed away, Akari started looking after the small family before she then started to have a relationship with Itaru before she eventually married him (which now makes her Akari Shiodome) and it resulted in having Akira Shiodome.

Who does Miuna have a crush on?

Hikari Sakishima

She has a crush on Hikari Sakishima. During the five year period of the time skip, Miuna could usually be found staring out at the ocean waiting for Hikari to return.

How does Tsumugu get Ena?

He lives in the city and conducts research about the sea villages at his university. He becomes close to Chisaki Hiradaira and he eventually falls in love with her. After accidentally claiming his love for Chisaki, he follows her into the sea and gains Ena.

Does Tsumugu like chisaki?

After the 5 years they spent together Tsumugu admits to Kaname that he is in love with Chisaki.

Who does chisaki marry?

She has been pretending to have her “old feelings for Hikari” as a means of claiming she hasn’t changed over the past five years, but she really is in love with Tsumugu Kihara. They then become a couple.

What animal is Manaka?

The chinchilla lead singer of the OTMGirls. In stark contrast to Retsuko’s extremely passive personality, Manaka is confident and brash. She often behaves like a diva, but she genuinely cares for those around her, including Retsuko.

Does chisaki love Hikari?

At the beginning of Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea, it is evident that Chisaki is in love with Hikari, but does not act on her feelings because she knows Hikari is in love with Manaka.

Does chisaki confess to Hikari?

Later, Chisaki decides to confess her feelings for Hikari, but after finding out that Hikari is in love with Manaka, she becomes upset and holds back admitting her feelings, not because he would reject her, but because she didn’t want their relationship to change, and eventually realizes that Manaka means a lot to him …

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