Where is cocoa mostly grown in Nigeria?

Where is cocoa mostly grown in Nigeria?

The major states that produce cocoa are Ondo, Cross River, Ogun, Akwa Ibom, Ekiti, Delta, Osun and Oyo.

Is cocoa farming profitable in Nigeria?

Cocoa farming in Nigeria is one of the most profitable businesses for entrepreneurs looking to invest in agriculture in Nigeria. It provides a large harvest without demanding too much effort or much-mechanized equipment and has a very wide global market on standby to purchase.

How many cocoa trees can be planted in an acre?

Plant at a spacing of 3.0m x 3.0m or 10ft x 10ft if you are using hybrid cocoa seedlings. In this case, you will have 1,111 tree per hectare or 435 trees per acre. Proper spacing allows for less competition for space, sunlight, water and nutrients and so the trees look healthy and high yielding.

Who is the largest cocoa producer?

The Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast and Ghana are by far the two largest producers of cocoa, accounting for more than 50 percent of the world´s cocoa.

How much does a cocoa farmer get paid?

According to Fairtrade, the average cocoa farming household in the Ivory Coast is made up of eight people and has an annual income of around $3,000. But Fairtrade’s research concluded the average cocoa farming household should be earning about $7,500 a year to cover their full cost of living.

Who brought cocoa to Nigeria?

Squiss Banego

In Nigeria, the position is very similar to that of the Gold Coast. For cocoa is alleged to have been first introduced there by a native chief called “Squiss Banego” in 1874—also from Fernando Po. He established a cocoa farm in the Bonny district and cultivation spread.

How many years does it take to grow cocoa?

After cocoa seeds are planted, it usually takes between three and five years to yield the first crop. Cocoa Hybrid varieties however can yield crops within two and three years. Most countries have two periods of peak production per year: A main harvest, and a smaller harvest.

How much are cocoa farmers paid?

How long does cocoa take to grow?

Growing a cacao tree — the plant whose pods are made into chocolate — takes patience. It takes three to five years for a cacao seed to become a fruiting tree.

Which country produces the best cocoa?

Ivory Coast

The Top Cocoa-Producing Countries

Rank Country Cocoa production in 2020
1 Ivory Coast 2,034,000
2 Ghana 883,652
3 Indonesia 659,776
4 Nigeria 328,263

Why are cocoa farmers poor?

Cocoa farmers’ poverty persists also because of the unequal bargaining power between cocoa farmers, and both large multinational companies and governments.

When did cocoa trees start growing in Nigeria?

Farmers in Ibadan and Egba land began experimenting with planting cocoa in uncultivated forests in 1890 and those in Ilesha started around 1896. The planting of cocoa later spread to Okeigbo and Ondo Town both in Ondo State, Ife and Gbongan in Osun State and also in Ekiti land. Before 1950, there were two main varieties of cocoa planted in Nigeria.

Which is the largest cocoa producing state in Nigeria?

Osun, Ondo and Cross River states are reported to contribute approximately 68% of Nigeria’s yearly cocoa output which reached a high of 350,000 MT in 2014 [4] when the Ministry of Trade and Industry also reported that Nigeria made $1.3 billion from cocoa export. There is however poor price transmission between export markets and producers [5]

Is it good to invest in cocoa farming in Nigeria?

Cocoa farming in Nigeria now presents one of the best investment opportunities to local investors in agribusiness, as cocoa remains one of the fastest selling agricultural products in the international market.

How many hectares are there in Cocoa gardens?

Following the release of 8 new cocoa hybrids with proven genetic qualities in 2011, CRIN established 2 hectares of cocoa seed gardens in each of 14 states identified as cocoa growing. These new gardens make improved cocoa hybrids available to farmers and promote vegetative propagation.

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