Where are Fender Aerodyne basses made?

Where are Fender Aerodyne basses made?


Made in Japan solid performer that looks sharp from any angle. The Aerodyne is a lighter weight option than typical Fender Jazz and Precision basses. That’s good for the shoulders when gigging.

How much does a Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass weigh?

about 7 pounds

The body outline is shaped like the Jazz Bass, though substantially lighter (the Aerodyne Jazz Bass weighs about 7 pounds, compared to the 10 pounds of the standard Jazz Bass)….Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass.

Aerodyne Jazz Bass
Neck Maple
Fretboard Rosewood
Bridge Fixed

Does Fender still make basses in Japan?

The Fender Limited Edition Made In Japan basses debuted at the 2019 Winter NAMM Show. All of them carry a price point of $999.99….Fender Made in Japan Traditional 60s Jazz Bass Fretless Specs:

Scale: 34″
Fingerboard Radius: 7.25″
Frets: Fretless
Pickups: Vintage-Style Single-Coil Jazz Bass
Bridge: 4-Saddle Vintage Style

What is the heaviest bass guitar?

After looking at 25 different bass guitars, the average weight is 8.54 pounds (3.87 kilograms). The lightest of these basses was 4.7 pounds (2.13 kilograms) while the heaviest bass was 12 pounds (5.44 kilograms).

What fenders are made in Japan?

Fender Made In Japan

  • Japan’s versions of Fender guitars were beginning to dominate the lower dollar market.
  • In 1983, the Made in Japan Squire/Fender guitars hit the market place, in the form of the Squire Strat, Squire Tele, and Squire Bullet bass.

Why are Rickenbackers so rare?

Rickenbacker reduced their production. They began producing fewer and fewer guitars and bass every year. So Rickenbacker bass and guitars became rare as their demand kept going up. And the price of Rickenbacker bass kept increasing as demand increased.

What kind of pickup does Aerodyne Jazz Bass have?

This is a special edition Jazz Bass featuring a bound basswood body with a NEW unique carved top, a maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and matching painted headstock. The Aerodyne Jazz Bass is loaded with a Precision/Jazz Bass pickup combination and rear routed/top mounted controls with no pickguard.

How big is the fretboard on a Fender Jazz Bass?

The neck also has a 7.25″ fretboard radius, which is different than the current 9.5″ radius offered in the current MIM and MIA lines (excluding their vintage reissue-style basses). gypsyfelon, mikeyjm2, SirMjac28 and 3 others like this. The best looking Bass, Fender ever made.

Is there a 60 Cycle Hum on a jazz bass?

There is a tiny bit of 60-cycle hum at all times from the single Jazz pup, but I honestly don’t notice it when playing. The additional body contours, binding, lack of fretboard face dot-markers and matching headstock all add a bit of class to an already-classic design.

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