What language is kuchen?

What language is kuchen?


Listen ()), the German word cake isIt is used in other languages to refer to a variety of sweet or savory desserts, pastries, or gateaux. Most Kuchen contain eggs, flour, sugar, and sometimes some fat.

What isThe article about Kuchen in German?

German learners will find it especially helpful to know the correct declension for the word Kuchen is crucial….Declension Kuchen.

Singular Plural
Gen. des Kuchens der Kuchen
Dat. dem Kuchen den Kuchen
Acc. den Kuchen die Kuchen

What is German Zucker in English?

Zucker is a German word meaning “sugar” and may refer to: Zucker (surname) Zucker (Rosenstolz album), an album by Rosenstolz.

What isGerman student called?


From To Via
• student → Student ↔ student
• student → SchülerinSchüler ↔ leerling
• student → StudentStudentin ↔ élève
• student → Student ↔ étudiant

What is a kugan?

Kuchen literally means ‘cake’ in German and many popular versions of kuchen are made topped with fruit and a brown sugar mixture. This recipe is the best I’ve tried and is one of those cakes that’s easy to make and foolproof to impress.

What gender is kuchen in German?

Translation of “cake” in German

1 translation entry available
English Cake
German Kuchen
Gender m
Plural Kuchen

What isThe plural of kuchen is German?

The noun “kuchen” is uncountable. The plural form is kuchen isKuchen is also available. More words

What isWhat does EIER mean?

slang, testicles. gonad; → Eier; en-plural noun.

What isWhat is a German translation of a?

German Alphabet letters can be pronounced like this. B = bay. C = tsay.

What isWhat does it mean to be a professor in Germany?

Professur (W3)* Professors in Germany are public servants and as such have permanent positions at their universities.

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