What is the Article 154?

What is the Article 154?

(1) The executive power theThe state shall be vested theGovernor shall be exercised directly by him or through his officers subordinates in accordance to this Constitution.

What is Article155 Indian Constitution

The Governor of a State is appointed by thePresident by warrant signed under his hand and sealed (Article 155). A person can be elected as Governor if they are citizens of India and have attained the age of 35.Article 157).

How isCAG removed

Removal. Only one address can be used to remove the CAG from both houses of parliament theground of incapacity or misbehaviour proven. The CAG vacates theoffice on achieving theAge of 65 or 6-year term depending on the option isYou can impeachment the president or earlier.

What is Article150 Indian Constitution

Article 150 – Form of Accounts of The Union and of The States. The accounts of the Union and of theThe following shall be applied to the States: thePresident may, theAdvice thePrescribe by the Comptroller-General and Auditor General of India.

What is Article 170?

Article170(1), The Constitution Of India 1949. (1) Subject to theThese provisions are Article 333, theEach state’s Legislative Assembly shall not exceed five hundred members, nor less than sixty members, who will be elected directly from their territorial constituencies. the State.

What is Article 165?

Article165 in The Constitution Of India 1949. 165. Advocate General the State. (1) Each State Governor shall appoint a person who is qualified to serve as its governor. isTo be appointed as a Judge of the High Court to be Advocate General the State.

Does CAG comes under RTI?

IF ONE. Appeals against theCPIO/PIO decision can be made before theAppellate Authority according to section 19 (1) RTI Act 2005. Shri Manish Kumar (l), Director Generar (Headquarters) in theO/o CAG India is theFirst Appellate Authority theNew Delhi, Office of CAG of India the Pr.

Who appoints CGAs?

Shri Deepak Das

Government of India has appointed Shri Deepak das, 1986-batch Indian Civil Accounts Service officer (ICAS), as theEffective August 1, 2021, Controller General of Accounts (CGA), Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure

What is Article168 theIndian constitution

Article168: Constitutions of the States’ Legislatures. (2) In cases where there are two houses of parliament theOne shall be called the Legislature of a State theLegislative Council theOther theLegislative Assembly. isIt will only be known by one House. the Legislative Assembly.

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