What is DFC Documentum?

What is DFC Documentum?

Documentum defines DFC as “a set of Java classes that make essentially all EDM server functionality available to client programs through a published set of interfaces.” It may also be described as the Object-Relational-Mapper (ORM) for programmatically accessing and manipulating all of the objects in a docbase.

What isDFS in Documentum

EMC Documentum Foundation Services (DFS), a group of technologies that allows service-oriented programmatic acces to the EMC Documentum Content Server Platform and related products, are called EMC Documentum Foundation Services. DFS and DFC DFS isAn abstraction layer that overlays the Documentum Foundation Classes and provides a service-oriented API (DFC).

What isDo you want the most recent version of Documentum

Documentum isOpenText has acquired Documentum, an enterprise-level content management platform. It also owns the name of the software company which originally developed the technology. EMC acquired Documentum for $1.7 billion in December, 2003….Releases.

Version Date
16.4 current February 2018,

When did OpenText buy Documentum?

January 23, 2017,

OpenText, a Canadian technology company based in Waterloo (Ontario), Canada, that specializes in enterprise Content Management, purchased Documentum from Dell EMC on January 23, 2017. It cost $1.62 billion USD.

Is ECM dead?

ECM isIt is not dead. It has simply evolved beyond its roots. It is still alive and well, just as it emerged from multiple technologies 20 years back.

What isWhat is the difference between ECM & content services?

Enterprise content management systems store business documents and manage them in a shared repository. Initially, they were based on a client/server model. Content services platforms, on the other hand, store and manage content in a cloud-powered ecosystem.

What isWhat is the scope for ECM?

Scope. Scope. It includes the challenges involved in using and preserving a company’s internal (often unstructured) information in all of its forms.

Why isDocumentum Foundation uses DFS

DFS makes it easy to migrate by allowing services that are developed on existing BOFs (Documentum business Object Framework) as well. isDFS consolidates multiple interdependent methods into a single service.

Which isDocumentum Foundation Services: The SOA Face

Documentum Foundation Services, the SOA side of Documentum. Remote Invocation of DFS isImplemented using SOAP-based web-services. DFS is beautiful isDFS can be used even though it is not a legal requirement. isIt can be used remotely as Web Services, or it can be called locally with DFS Client libraries.

WhatWhat can you do using the Documentum service

Here isHere is a list of the services I find most interesting. This service allows interaction between Documentum objects inheriting form dm_sysobject such as cabinets and folders, as well as documents. You can use the service to display objects, create and change new objects (for example, check-out/check-in, new rendition,…) or delete objects.

Which isA DFS service example?

For example, a query results set could be an example. isThe DFS service returns the objects to a client application using this data model. This data model can also be used to package the objects prior to being transferred to the server. The data model

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