What is a QD attachment?

What is a QD attachment?

What isThe QD (quick disconnect) system? The QD(Quick Connect) Mounting system comprises of aCombination of two mating parts aPush button swivel QD socket. QDSome straps have swivels standard. QDTo convert an existing strap to a swivel, you can purchase them separately QD system.

What is QD socket?

A QDSocket is aQuick Disconnection system was originally developed for the firearms sector, but was later adopted by photography. All QDYou can use the straps of the firearms industry on any camera gear that features a QD socket.

What is QD swivel?

The QDSling Swivel is a push-button quick-detach swivel for 1-1/4″ webbing. Machined from steel a corrosion resistant manganese phosphate finish. Add two Magpul MS1 Slings aYou can use the MS1 MS4 Adapter to combine this two-point setup. aConvertible sling from two-point to one point

What isQdm sling

QDM – Quick Disconnect Swivel The innovative design allows for aA lower profile sling revolvel that allows one-handed manipulation aHigh strength bale with superior resistance against corrosion that rotates freely and canalizes sling web to prevent rollover. aMelonite finish

WhatAre QD mounts?

Quick Detach sling mountsQDFlush Cup sling mounting mounts also known as is aType of mounting point used to attach slings. “QD sling swivel” usually refer to the part attached to the sling, while “flush cup” refer to the corresponding socket on the firearm.

What is a Paraclip?

The Paraclip™ provides an attachment point for 1-1/4″ web rifle sling. The Paraclip converts your MS1 Rifle Sling’s 2-point configuration to a 1-point configuration when used with the MS1 MS3 Adapter MAG516, and provides aFor emergencies, quick release

What ismagpul Qdm

The Magpul QDM is aUpgrade to heavy-duty standard push-button quick disconnect sling swivels Quick-disconnect sling swivel for 1-1/4″ webbing. Combine with MS1 Sling and MS4 Adapter, for a dedicated two point sling.

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