What is a lay bye?

What is a lay bye?

A LAY-BYE Agreement is aA method of paying for goods over a set period of time. The service provider holds the goods until the consumer has fully paid. To layBye items, the consumer is responsible aA small deposit is required and then regular repayments are made until the final price. is paid.

Why isIt is called a lay by?

Meaning “have sex with” first recorded 1934, in U.S. slang, probably from sense of “bring forth and deposit” (which was in Old English, as in layAn egg is a small, white, fried egg. lay a bet, etc.), perhaps reinforced by to lie with, aThe Bible uses this phrase often.

WhatDoes layWhat does by stand mean in the UK?

lay-by (plural lay-bys, (Britain) A paved area to the side of aHighway designated for drivers to pull in, for emergency parking or vehicles that can wait, with larger layThere are possibilities for -bys to have facilities such as food vendors or public phones.

Are there any synonyms of the word? lay by?

Synonyms for lay-by. Synonyms: Verb. Cashier, cast (off), dump, dump, eighty-six (or86), exorcise (also orcize), jettison (off or away), junk, lose, pitch (off), scrap, shed (off), shuck (off), also sluff(off) ), throw away, throw it out, toss and unload.

Why are we here? layAre trunk roads now free of bys?

‘Some are understood to have gone from lay-bys alongside major trunk roads such as the A64, while five others are set to be removed in the near future from streets in York.’ ‘One problem was that some councils had removed litter bins from trunk road lay-bys to encourage motorists to take their rubbish home with them and to save collection costs.’

Which isThe best definition of laid up?

1. to place, put or set (down), often very carefully. She put the clothes in. a drawer / on achair; He set his pencil down; She presented her report to the committee. 2. To place in aIn a lying position. She placed the baby on her stomach.

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