What is a coup de gueule?

What is a coup de gueule?

Noun. coup de gueule m (plural coups de gueule) (informal) a roar, a bellow, a shout, a yell; aAn outburst or rant aFit of angera loud expression of discontent) pousser un bon coup de gueule ― to have a rant.

What isThe translation of coup de grace?

The French word was borrowed directly and it first appeared in English at 17th century. coup de grâce (also sometimes styled without the circumflex as coup de grace) translates literally as “stroke of grace” or “blow of mercy,” and originally referred to aMercy killing or the act of putting to to death a person …

How do I spell gueule?

English translation of ‘gueule’

  1. tagueule (Informal) Shut Up! ( informal) ⧫ shut your face! (
  2. faire la gueule (informal), to be in a huff (informal) ⧫ to sulk.
  3. faire la gueule à qn (informal) to be in a bad mood with sb ⧫ to be in ahuff with sb Why are you in? aHuff with me?

What does guele mean?


The word gueule means ‘muzzle’ or ‘maw’, and is a colloquial, often pejorative way of referring to either someone’s mouth, like ‘gob’ or ‘trap’, or their whole face, like ‘mug’ or ‘kisser’.

What isThe meaning of last stanza coup de grace?

What isThe meaning of the last verse in coup de grace? The implication of the ending of “The Coup de Grâce” isMajor Creede Hailcrow has seen Madwell driving a sword into Caffal Halcrow’s body, and therefore he will assume Madwell has murdered his brother.

WhatWhat does the word “cri” mean? de coeur mean?

Definition of cri de coeur : aProtest or appeal prompted by passionate outcry

What isWhat is Tais Toi?

tais-toi ! be quiet! taisez-vous ! be quiet!

What isWhat is the meaning of va au Diable

Go to hell To Hell

Translation of “Va au diable” in English. Adverb. Go to hell. To hell with you. You can go to Hell.

What isThe opposite of coup de grace?

Noun. Opposite aFinal blow or shot that causes death. clemency. leniency. mercy.

How much damage does coup de grace do?

Champions with less than 40% health will suffer 8% more damage.

What does Coeur mean in English?


Cœur is the French word for heart, and may refer to: Cœurs, aAlain Resnais, 2006 French film

WhatDoes cri deLatin definition of “Court”

A passionate outcry, appeal or protest.

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