What flavor is Limon Pepino?

What flavor is Limon Pepino?

Gatorade put out Limon Pepino, which translates to Lime-Cucumber, some time in 2011, as part of their G-Series “Nuestro Sabor” line. On first blush, it looks like any other Gatorade flavor – a strange unnatural color served in a massive plastic jug.

Does Gatorade still make Cucumber lime?

Lime Cucumber is still out there! We recommend asking the managers of the stores you frequent to stock it for you. You can also use our product locator to search for it nearby: bit.ly/2ZLRATp.

Is the Cucumber Gatorade good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great flavor! This has a lot more of a cucumber flavor than a lime, but still fantastic and different than all the other flavors. I avoid drinking Gatorade straight because it can dehydrate you if you drink it without water.

Does Gatorade have a Cucumber flavor?


Is there a black Gatorade?

“Black” Performance Jug.

How do you make cucumber lime Gatorade?

Follow the formula above, making these adjustments:

  1. Lemon-Lime (OG – Original Gatorade) Use the juice from 1/2 lemon and 1/2 lime.
  2. Cucumber Melon. Instead of using juice, let 2 slices cucumber and 3 large chunks of melon infuse in the water for an hour before adding the salt.
  3. Blueberry Pomegranate.
  4. Cherry.

What flavor is the dark green Gatorade?

You might not think of tropical mango as a Gatorade flavor, but light and crisp, it’s featured in Gatorade’s sub-line Frost. It’s bold, it’s green, and it’s fierce. Fierce Green Apple has an intense apple flavor that hydrates and energizes you instantly.

Is lime cucumber Gatorade vegan?

Verdict: Gatorade Has No Animal Ingredients. Gatorade has no animal ingredients. Still, some vegans are against artificial colors, which most Gatorade products have. Gatorade also has natural flavors and sugar, but it’s hard to trace the source, as it can be derived from both plants and animals.

Is there a lime Gatorade?

Gatorade Thirst Quencher Lemon-Lime, 20 Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)

What flavor is Glacier Freeze?

Nobody knows what Glacier Freeze tastes like, but we still love it. It’s a mystery, and may always be, but we find comfort in the cool touch of the bitter-tasting blue berry drink reaching our stomachs.

Why is Gatorade 2021 stock?

(Front Office Sports) – PepsiCo is set to raise its prices to offset the costs of supply chain issues, which include shortages of plastic bottles for Gatorade sports drinks. PepsiCo raised its full-year forecast for 2021 on Tuesday following an impressive third-quarter earnings report.

Does cucumber and lemon water burn belly fat?

Beverages such as lemon and cucumber juice can boost your metabolism and promote satiety, thereby aiding weight loss. Here’s how drinking lemon-cucumber juice can help you burn belly fat fast. Including lemon-cucumber juice in your diet will also provide you with many essential nutrients, including vitamin C.

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