What does NCHRP 350 compliant mean?

What does NCHRP 350 compliant mean?

WhatIs NCHRP 350? – a document that contains recommended crash-testing procedures for evaluating a variety of roadside safety hardware, including traffic control devices that are used in work zones. NCHRP 350The Transportation Research Board published it in 1993.

WhatAre there longitudinal barriers?

This listing includes barriers such as guardrail, median and transitions that have been issued an eligibility letter by FHWA based upon AASHTO MASH criteria.

WhatWhat are the mash standards for?

Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware, (MASH), presents uniform guidelines for crash testing permanent safety features on the highway and recommends evaluation criteria for assessing test results.

WhatIs mash compliance possible?

MASH provides uniform guidelines for crash testing permanent or temporary highway safety features. It also recommends evaluation criteria to evaluate test results. The crash performance is evaluated on structural adequacy and occupant risk.

WhatWhat are the levels of the mash test?

After examining the behaviour of the barrier at the point of impact, it is given a MASH level rating. These range from TL-1 through TL-6. The lower ranges are suitable for pedestrian safety and slow-moving vehicles, while the higher ranges are suitable for heavy and fast-moving vehicles.

How is guardrail height measured


  1. Guardrail is located above the pavement. Measure the distance from the pavement to where the guardrail is located.
  2. Guardrail is located 2 ft from the edge of pavement. Use a 10-foot straightedge for pavement/shoulder slope extension to the rail.

WhatWhat are concrete barriers called?

Jersey barrier

Jersey barrier is a common name for highway concrete barriers used for traffic control or perimeter protection. Surprisingly, concrete Jersey barriers look simple.

WhatIs there a mash test?

MASH stands for Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware. It is a collection of guidelines, testing procedures and conditions that have been developed by AASHTO (American transport organisation).

WhatIs mash certification available?

Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware NCHRP 350These guidelines provide uniform guidelines for the conduct of full-scale crash tests for permanent or temporary highway safety features, as well as evaluation criteria.

WhatIs mash driving possible?

“Joint Implementation Agreement for Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH)”

WhatIs mash considered TL3?

FEATURES. Compliant with MASH Test Level 3 (TL3) NCHRPReport 350. End terminals are subject to 5-degree shallow angle impacts as part of the MASH testing standard. This angle has been proven critical by analysis of real-life data.

What doesWhat does mash stand to represent in barriers?

WhatThese are the requirements NCHRPReport 350?

NCHRPReport 350: Devices in Work Zones – Category 2 Devices that are not expected to produce significant vehicular velocity change, but may otherwise be hazardous. This class includes barricades and portable sign supports, intrusion alarms, drums, vertical panels or cones with lights. This category of devices will require testing.

When did NCHRP 350Need to be tested under the mash?

FHWA issued a memorandum on November 12, 2015 indicating that all modifications had been made. NCHRP 350In order to receive a Federal aid eligibility letter from FHWA, devices must be tested under MASH. A Federal Register Notice was also issued in regard to this action.

How long? doesIt takes to replace NCHRP 350?

A Federal Register Notice was also issued in regard to this action. This was a significant step towards the implementation of MASH. Replacing NCHRP 350MASH will gradually be implemented over the course of several decades.

When doesFHWA stops issuing highway safety warning letters

FHWA will no long issue eligibility letters to highway safety hardware that hasn’t been crash tested according to the 2016 edition MASH. Modifications to eligible highway safety hardware must follow the criteria in the 2016 edition MASH for re-evaluation or testing.

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