What does FH mean on Whirlpool Duet?

What does FH mean on Whirlpool Duet?

An F20 or FHAn error code means that there is a problem with the water supply. Here are some common issues: Hot and Cold water must be connected and turned on. Water inlet hoses kinked.

WhatWhat is the HF code for washers?

FH Error Code FH indicates that there is a Water Inlet Problem—no or insufficient water supply. To cancel the cycle, select PAUSE/CANCEL two times. Disconnect power and unplug washer.

Why? doesmy WhirlpoolWasher FH?

Common solutions to: Whirlpool F/H – FHNo water entering machine or pressure switch failure. Check the water inlet valves and fill hoses for kinks. This code is assigned by the manufacturer to indicate that the water level in the machine is not correct.

What does F2 mean on washer?

: The “F2” fault code indicates it’s taking too long to drain the tub of water in order to reset the pressure switch. The problem is that your washer is not always capable of draining water so that the water level switch may be reset. This can happen if you use too much detergent or the wrong type.

How do I reset my password? WhirlpoolAre you a Duet washer

Rotate your dial until the following lights appear: RINSE/WASH/STOP. Turn off your washer, then unplug it for ten second. You can turn it back. onIt should be reset.

How can I fix it? FHcode onMy Maytag washer

Turn off the water, and take out the inlet hoses. Screens are located inside the inlet valves. Clear away any particles or film that has accumulated. Reinstall hoses, turn onWater, and check for leaks

How can I fix my problem? Whirlpool Duet f20?

To reset the error code f20, you must exclude the program crash Whirlpool washer. De-energize your washer for between 10-20 minutes. Then, turn it on. on back. If the error disappears, it is effectively eliminated.

WhatIs error F02?

F02 is the error code onA WhirlpoolThe washer indicates that the control detects long drain times. This can be caused either by excessive suds, a blockage in the drain system or other components.

WhatWhat are the error codes for a duet washer?

Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine Error Codes Error Code WhatThe Error means F01 EEPROM Error. Basically, the main F03 Duet Heater control is Shorted To Ground With a F11MCU (Duet Motor Controller Unit) Error. The F20 No Fill The washer was trying to fi

Why is my duet washer stating F21 long drainage?

This is the most common Duet washer fault code! F21 refers to the drain time and not length. If your washer is taking longer than 8 minutes to drain, it is likely that the drain system is blocked with unknown materials or the pump is having trouble.

What doesDiagnostic test on Whirlpool duet mean?

The Whirlpool Duet front loading washing machine has a diagnostic test mode that can be used to help troubleshoot your washing machine’s problem. This section of the Duet repair manual explains possible error codes and what they might mean. meanWhat to do next?

How can I check the state of the Endstop in Duet?

Configuration is done in configuration.g with the M574 Command. You can check the state endstop inputs as read by Duet using one of these methods: In Duet Web Control go to the Settings page, then to the machine properties tab. The column shows the endstop states.

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