What colour is Windspray colorbond?

What colour is Windspray colorbond?


Windspray® isA neutral grey of medium strength with a blue undertone. It brings to mind gentle breezes, soft shadows, and misty seas on cloudy days.

What isWhat is the difference between colorbond Ultra and colorbond?

Colorbond Ultra isThis is a higher-grade Colorbond steel sheet that is more suitable for extreme environments. The Colorbond Ultra is basically the same thing as the Colorbond Standard. is a pre-painted product with a core made of Aluminium, Zinc, and Magnesium alloy-coated steel with Activate® technology.

WhatThickness isWhat is colorbond?


COLORBOND® Ultra base metal thickness is0.42mm or 0.48mm G550, 0.48mm.

What Colours does colorbond ultra come in?


  • Dune®
  • Monument®
  • Surfmist®
  • Wallaby®
  • Windspray®
  • Woodland Grey®

It is WindsprayA colorbond colour?

Colorbond Windspray isUltra Steel colourIt can be used near the sea and will withstand harsher conditions. There are six Ultra colors: Monument, Woodland Grey (Surfmist), Dune, Wallaby, and Dune. Windspray.

Is shale GREY Windspray?

Shale Grey™ isThis image is evocative to the Gulf coast mudplains, pale grey pebbles reflecting sun, the ethereal gray mist rising from a surfing beach, the silvery grey leaves of native flora, as well as the shimmering outcrops rock formations on the Great Dividing Range.

You can do more isCOLORBOND Ultra

A corrugated metal roof can be as low as $13 to $18 per square meter. Powder-coated Colorbond is available at a cost of $22 per m2. Double-sided Colorbond is $24 per m2. Colorbond Ultra is $37 per m2.

Which isBetter Zincalume or COLORBOND

Zincalume isIt is a mixture of aluminium, magnesium and silicon. It has great durability properties. Both are excellent options for roofing materials. However, Colorbond offers more design and style options with 22 colors to choose from.

WhatThickness is COLORBOND?

COLORBOND® steel metal thickness is0.35mm, 0.42mm or 0.48mm. G550, AZ150 (550MPa minimal yield stress, 150g/m2 minimum coating mass). COLORBOND® Ultra base metal thickness is0.42mm or 0.48mm

Is colorbond monument gray or black?

Monument colorbond colour isA dark shade of grey. Other shades of grey are Ironstone, Basalt and Wallaby. Windspray, Woodland Grey, but also very subtle greys like Dune and Shale Gray.

What colour is monolith?

Nexteel Standard – Contemporary Finishes

Nexteel™ Name Equivalent Colour

What colour is Dulux Windspray?

Neutral grey

Windspray isA Colorbond standard colour – a mid-strength, neutral grey with a blue undertone.

Is there Colorbond windspray available?

I really want to specify Colorbond WindsprayIt is possible, but it is not recommended. isOft, it is maligned colourThe Colorbond range. Colorbond: The best thing about it Windspray isIt has a base that can appear blue or green depending on the time of the day. isThis chameleon ability can put people off.

Can you use Colorbond windspray on a garage doors?

The Colorbond is used in the house below. WindsprayRoof, gutter, and garage doors with Surfmist facia, posts, windows, and Shale Grey weatherboards. This isThis is a classic combination. isVery much in fashion. You could also have the garage in Surfmist if you prefer a lighter look. Windspray.

WhatWhat type of roofing profile does Colorbond employ?

COLORBOND® steel Monument® (cladding) and COLORBOND® steel Windspray® (roofing). The roofing profile and the cladding were made using a standing seam profile. is LYSAGHT TRIMDEK®. 6. COLORBOND® steel Surfmist® Matt cladding and roofing in a Standing Seam profile. 7. COLORBOND® steel Monument® in the profile LYSAGHT LONGLINE®.

Where can you find Colorbond ultra-steel?

COLORBOND® Ultra steel is especially designed for severe coastal and industrial environments – where there may be a smell of salt or salt spray in the air. You can find out more about the different uses of this product in different environments by visiting our page Effects of Location.

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