Is there a word surmising?

Is there a word surmising?

verb (used with object), sur·mised, sur·mis·ing. To think or infer without strong evidence; conjecture; guess.

What does surmising mean?

transitive verb. : To form aNo evidence at all – imagine, infer.

What is the best synonym of extemporaneous

Synonyms and Antonyms for extemporaneous

  • Ad hoc
  • ad-lib,
  • Down and dirty
  • extemporary,
  • extempore,
  • impromptu,
  • improvisational,
  • improvised,

What is it? aIs it a sentence of surmise?

Surmise sentence example. His surmise was right. It was too optimistic. However, he had the courage to collocate the rollers (Coracias), with the beeeaters, Merops, and was able to conclude that Menura wasn’t. a Gallinaceous bird.

What does deducing refer to?

transitive verb. 1 : To determine the age of ancient artifacts by reasoning or deduction. She deduced from the fur that was attached to his clothes that he owned a cat. specifically, philosophy – to infer (see Infer sense 1) aGeneral principle. 2 : To trace the lineage of their descendants.

What does Summerise actually mean?

verb (used with object), sum·mer·ized, sum·mer·iz·ing. To prepare (a house, car, etc.) To combat the summer heat: to summerize aAir conditioning can be added to your house. To summerize, to protect from hot weather in the future a snowmobile.

Can this be surmised only?

There’s so little to go on, we can only surmise what happened. You could say that aIf you say that a particular conclusion is surmise, it means that it is aYou can only guess based upon the evidence available, but you don’t know for sure that it is true. It is a speculative assumption that the artist had in mind his poem when he created this painting.

What is the synonym for crass?

Common synonyms for crass include dense, dull, stupid, and dumb. While all these words mean “lacking in power to absorb ideas or impressions,” crass suggests aGrossness of mind does not preclude discrimination or delicacy. aMaterialistic, crass people.

What are the synonyms of extemporaneous

This page contains 25 synonyms, anonyms, idiomatic phrases, and related words to extemporaneous.

How can you deduce that?

To make a guess is to form an opinion. aYou can guess what it is. If you surmise that something is true, you don’t have much evidence or knowledge about it. Near synonyms are guess and conjecture.

What is the synonym for surmise

1’she surmised that he was keen to leave’ guess, conjecture, suspect, deduce, infer, come to the conclusion, conclude, theorize, speculate, glean, divine. Assume, presume, suppose and understand. a sneaking suspicion, hazard aGuess, sense, be of opinion, think, believe.

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