Is Revere Pewter a good color for cabinets?

Is Revere Pewter a good color for cabinets?

Kitchens. If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering Revere Pewter forWalls in your home, or even outside your home. This is my absolute favorite use. colorHowever, this is forCabinets and interior doors. It’s really quite stunning!

Is Revere PewterAre you out of fashion?

Revere PewterThe go-to color forIt has been around for many decades. Along with other greige paint colors, it was huge in the 2010’s, peaking around 2017. Even though it is no longer in its heyday, Revere PewterIt is still very popular.

Is Revere PewterMore gray or more beige?

Revere PewterIt is neither aTrue gray or a true beige, it’s a greige. A greige paint colorIt has elements of gray as well as beige. This is why it’s called that. Many homeowners find that beige paints are too dark for their home, making it appear darker, while gray paints are too cool, making it look uninviting and harsh.

Benjamin Moore: What colors match well with Benjamin Moore? Revere Pewter?

Revere Pewter doesn’t only have to be paired with other neutral colors. It coordinates well with bright colors, such as pink and coral. But it also works well with soothing colors like teal and green.

Is Revere Pewter still popular 2021?

Revere Pewter HC-172 by Benjamin Moore It’s been a very popular gray paint among interior designers forOver a decade. It’s definitely listed up there as one of the best gray paint colors. You can use it 100%. Revere PewterIt can still work perfectly in your home in 2021!

Does Revere PewterChoose oak cabinets

Diane, yes! Revere PewterWorks well with oak cabinets. Be sure to test the lighting! This is important because paint can be difficult to see. colorYou will see a different look in the daylight and nightlight, so make sure you love both!

Is Revere Pewter still popular 2020?

Sherwin- Williams Accessible Beige also comes in this color. aLRV slightly higher than Revere Pewter58. So overall it’s an ever so slightly brighter paint. It has pinky/gray underneathtones. Accessible Beige is the greige that is most different between them. aWarmer gray than Revere Pewter.

Is Revere Pewter aWarm or cool color?

IsIt is hot or cool? Revere PewterIs aGORGEOUS, warm grey. It’s really close to the light-medium range with regard to depth, but in the right light, can act as a light depth paint colour. However, it has some tricky undertones and special nuances that you need to be aware of (which we’ll get into shortly).

Does Revere PewterWhy not go with yellow?

As you can see, it’s hard to find a color that doesn’t go great with Revere Pewter – it’s truly aShade with flexibility aA wide variety of accents are available, from bright red to avocado green to yellow and magenta.

What Sherwin-Williams colorSimilar to Revere Pewter?

Revere PewterAccessible Beige and Accessible Beige have similar undertones, but as you can see, they are so different. That’s why picking grays are so complicated. These are two links that I discuss Benjamin Moore in greater detail. Revere PewterSherwin Williams Accessible Beige

Does Revere PewterHoney oak cabinets are a great choice.

Do I need to lighten? Revere Pewter?

My best paint trick for aDark room: It will retain the same undertones as the full strength colorHowever, it will only be adjusted accordingly. I ended up lightening. Revere PewterBy 75% We’re so happy – the lightening of the Revere PewterThis was exactly what this room needed! The entire space can be viewed here.

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