Is Mansfield MA rich?

Is Mansfield MA rich?

Overall, MansfieldThe town is home to managers, salespeople, and office workers. The per capita income in MansfieldThe 2018 median income was $53,038, which was higher than Massachusetts’s and richer than the rest of the US. This is equivalent to a family income of $212152.

Is Mansfield MAIs it safe to live there?

MANSFIELD, MA – It’s another good year to live in Mansfield. SafeWise has named MansfieldAccording to the 2017 Massachusetts Safest Towns List, this is one of the most safe towns in the Commonwealth. MansfieldThis listing ranked it at number 88.

What is it? Mansfield MAAre you a well-known for?

MansfieldThe Xfinity Center, formerly known as Great Woods Tweeter Center and Comcast Center, is located in this area. It is one of the most visited venues in New England. It is also home to Honey Dew Donuts (a regional New England donut shop chain).

Is Mansfield Mass nice?

MansfieldIt is a beautiful town that is safe and friendly for children. There are excellent schools and a great public education system. The children are friendly.

How does it feel to live in Franklin? MA?

Franklin is located in Norfolk County, Massachusetts and is one the best places to call home. Franklin offers residents a dense suburban atmosphere and most residents own their houses. There are many coffee shops and parks in Franklin. Franklin is home to many young professionals and residents lean liberal.

What is the size of your company? Mansfield MA?

20.73 mi²


Is MansfieldA great place to live in?

MansfieldReviews Growing up in Mansfield I’ve enjoyed many of the town’s highlights.

IsHalloween Cancelled Mansfield?

In MansfieldThe traditional Halloween parade has been cancelled. “Unfortunately, we are unable to host our annual Halloween Parade this year, however, we are brewing up some good Halloween fun, yet to be confirmed,” Parks and Recreation Director Sherri Gurnon.

Does it Mansfield MAHave a water ban

Press release by the Town of MansfieldThe following Phase II Outdoor Water Restrictions apply immediately. Lawn water is allowed between the hours 6am-8am, and 6pm-8pm. Any time is allowed to use a hand-held hose to fill your garden or pool.

Is Franklin MA wealthy?

Franklin Franklin is the third most wealthy city in Massachusetts. It has a population of 32873, a median household income of $108,815, and unemployment at 6.2%.

IsFranklin, a great place to live?

Franklin is located in Williamson County. It is one of the best areas to live in Tennessee. Franklin residents enjoy a dense suburban lifestyle and most of them own their homes. There are many restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and other amenities in Franklin. Franklin’s public schools are highly rated.

What is the median household income in? Mansfield Ma?


The average household income is in MansfieldIt is $144,648 with an average poverty rate of 3.19%. In recent years, the median rent cost is $1,266 per monthly and the median home value is $412,000. The median age of an individual is 57. Mansfield39.3 years for males and 37.5 years for females.

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