Is January a good time to visit Dublin?

Is January a good time to visit Dublin?

Dublin & Eastern Ireland Dublin is the big city in this region and is probably the best place in Ireland to be in January. The country’s best festival this month, Tradfest, brings an especially lively feel to the city with several days of traditional live Irish and international music.

What is Dublin like in January?

Weather in Ireland in January

Dublin Cork
Average temperature January 5 °C 41 °F 6 °C 43 °F
Min. and max temperatures January 2-8 °C 36-46 °F 3-8 °C 37-46 °F
Sunrise and sunset January 1st 8.40 a.m. – 4.16 p.m. 8.41 a.m. – 4.33 p.m.

Is it worth going to Ireland in January?

January is a great time to explore Ireland’s many ancient monuments including the stunning Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary. The average temperature is between 3-8 °C (37-46 °F) and you should also expect at least some rain, with perhaps an occasional sprinkle of snow when visiting Ireland in January.

Is Dublin nice in winter?

Dublin winters are chilly, with temperatures in the 30s and 40s, so make sure to pack a warm winter coat. It’s also the time of year that sees the most rainfall and possibly some snow. Travelers who visit this time of year can usually score pretty significant deals on their hotels and airfare.

What should I pack for Ireland in January?

Tips For Packing For Ireland

  • Rain gear is always a good idea to pack, which means a rain jacket, umbrella, and weatherproof boots.
  • Packing cubes help separate damp and dirty clothes from clean ones.
  • Three pairs of shoes are the max you should pack—a nice shoe, casual, and athletic shoe/boot.

What is the wettest month in Ireland?

Wettest Months: Rainfall is extremely common throughout Ireland. The wettest months, almost everywhere are December and January. April is the driest month generally but in many southern parts, June is the driest.

Does Dublin have snow?

Night temperatures drop below freezing (0 °C or 32 °F), usually by a few degrees, for about twenty days each year in Dublin, and up to 50 days in inland areas (see Mullingar). Snow is quite rare as well: on average, it falls for a few days in a year, and may not occur for an entire winter.

Can you see Northern Lights in Ireland?

The Northern Lights aka Aurora Borealis are visible from Ireland. So, the chances are, you can soak up the greatest show on earth a stone’s throw from your house!

Is Ireland pretty in the winter?

Ireland in Winter Really Isn’t That Cold Plus, it rarely snows in Ireland (though expect rain) so if you are looking to get away from the white stuff, well you can likely do that in Ireland. enough to get snow in Ireland, it’s pretty beautiful.

Is it good to go to Ireland in January?

The weather in Ireland in January is usually quite mixed, so if you plan on seeing Ireland at its best, then this is probably not the month for you. There are however, many advantages to having an Ireland vacation in January, especially if your budget is tight.

What to do in Adare Ireland in January?

A perfect January day in Adare. A bit rainy in the morning, but clearing in the afternoon for a walk along the river. When traveling through Ireland by train remember that all tracks lead to Dublin, so some routes are not always available, and you may do a bit of backtracking to arrive at your destination.

Where is the best place to visit in January?

Dublin, Galway and Cork have plenty of things to do at this time of year and are among some of the best places to visit in January. Dublin, with its many museums, attractions and unusual things to do and see, is a great destination to explore in winter.

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