Is it postponed or postpone?

Is it postponed or postpone?

Our exam has been postponed until next Monday….postpone ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌

Present tense
present participle Postponement
Past tense postponed
past participle postponed

Does postponedCancelled could be defined as

As adjectives, the difference between postponedCancelled is that postponedIs done later than originally planned; delayed, while cancelled is not longer planned or scheduled.

What’s a word that means postpone?

Put off, delay, defer. North American put over, table and take a raincheck on. North American Law continue. informal Put on ice, turn off the heat, and place in cold storage

Why is this? postponed mean?

to postpone to a later date; defer: He has postponedHis departure is delayed until tomorrow. to place after in order based on importance orestimation; subordinate

What is it? postponed indefinitely?

Postpone Indefinitely refers to postpone a motion under review, which, postponedIndefinitely, it cannot be discussed orreintroduced at that Meeting.

Has been postponed means?

verb. You can delay an event by postponing it it orArrange for itIt will take place at a later hour than originally planned. He decided to postpone his expedition until the next day. [ VERB noun/verb-ing]The visit is now complete postponed indefinitely. [

What is the opposite of Prepone?

What is the opposite of prepone?

postpone adjourn
delay defer
stall suspend
put off shelve
hold up make later

Do you say postpone to or until?


Preposition When to use
Postpone till/ Postpone until To keep something off until a later date. This includes dependency of the scheduled event on some other event. So, the scheduled event can’t happen until that other event has happened.

How do you use postponed in a sentence?

put off to later.

  • He postponed his trip at the eleventh hour.
  • The project has been postponed for an indefinite period.
  • The match had to be postponed until next week.
  • The game is postponed because of
  • He declared that the meeting has been postponed.

What is the definition of postpone?

Postpone is defined as to put off to or place in a later time. An example of postpone is to move an outdoor party to the following weekend due to rain. YourDictionary definition and usage example. “Postpone.”.

What is the noun for postpone?

(put off until a later time): adjourn,defer,forslow,penelopize,postpone,put off,put on ice,suspend; See also Thesaurus:procrastinate

  • (retard): forslow,get in the way,hold up,impede; See also Thesaurus:hinder
  • (allay): calm,moderate,quell; See also Thesaurus:pacify
  • What is the noun for postponed?

    postponement. noun. /pəˈspəʊnmənt/. /pəʊˈspəʊnmənt/. [uncountable, countable]Jump to other results. You can change the date orTime of an event so that itIt will be held later than originally planned. Riots forced the postponement and postponement of local elections.

    What is another name for postponement

    Synonyms of postponement. The act of putting off orThe condition of being put off. Synonyms. adjournment. deferment. deferral. delay. stay.

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