Is Gangnam Style still popular?

Is Gangnam Style still popular?

The music video of the 2012 worldwide hit “Gangnam Style” by singer-songwriter Psy reached 4 billion views on YouTube on Sunday, a first for a K-pop single.

Is Gangnam StyleThe most-loved song ever?

‘Gangnam Style’ was the first video to reach 1 billion YouTube views. 21, 2012, “Gangnam Style”, from South Korean performerPsy, became the first music video to reach 1 billion views on YouTube. It eventually “broke” YouTube’s play counter when it exceeded the then-maximum of 2.14 billion.

Is Psy still popular?

Although Psy isn’t huge in the international market anymore, he’s something of a big deal in South Korea as one of the country’s biggest K-pop sensations. Park Jae-sang found international fame in the 2010s, and while you might think he’s vanished from the music scene, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

When did Gangnam StyleWhy did it become so popular?


“Gangnam Style” debuted at number one on South Korea’s Gaon Chart. The song and its music video became viral in August 2012, and have had a profound impact on popular culture around the world. In the United States, “Gangnam Style” peaked at number two on Billboard Hot 100.

IsPsy disbanded

After 8 years at YG Entertainment, PSY resigned in May 2018 and has been touring South Korea solo since then.

What was the first video that reached 1 billion views?

Gangnam Style

An early metric of a video’s popularity was the so-called Billion View Club, denoting videos which had succeeded in reaching over 1 billion views since their initial upload. In December 2012, “Gangnam Style” became the first video to reach one billion views.

Kpop was made famous by psy?

Korean pop star PSY had held the title since November 2012, when he became the first person to reach 1 billion views, then 2 billion, breaking YouTube’s view counter in the process. Nudged along by the likes of Britney Spears and T-Pain, the song’s visually overwhelming video proved a winner on YouTube.

Why was it? Gangnam Style so popular?

GangnamThe dance moves were what made style so popular. The song was popular due to its catchy lyrics, even though it was written in Korean. The music video’s vibe also contributed for it’s popularity, for being unique and comical.

Who is the girl? Gangnam Style?

The girl with Psy Gangnam StyleHyunah. She is part of the girl group 4 Minute. She’s one of the top solo artists in Korea and she was born in 1992.

What does it do? Gangnam Style mean in English?

“Gangnam Style” is a Korean neologism referring to the upscale fashion and lavish lifestyle associated with trendsetters in Seoul ‘s Gangnam district (강남), which is considered the most affluent part of the metropolitan area. In colloquial usage, it is comparable to the English slang terms “swag” or “yolo”.

Who is the yellow indeco? Gangnam Style?

Gangnam StyleYellow Suit Guy. Yellow Suit Guy, played by popular Korean comedian Yoo Jae-Seok, is one of the few who’s danced-off against PSY and lived to tell about it.

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