How much is a 1916 penny worth?

How much is a 1916 penny worth?

Pricing 1916 Lincoln Penny

1916 Lincoln Penny $0.30 $13
1916 Lincoln Penny (D) $1 $35
1916 Lincoln Penny (S) $1.75 $50
Source: Red Book

How rare is a 1916 penny?

The 1916 Philadelphia (no mintmark) saw aMintage of 131,833,677 Coins isIt is valued at around 25 cents for well-worn grades and higher. The 1916-D (35.956,000 struck). aPrice tag of $1 for lower grades and the 1916-S (22.510,000 made) aBase price approximately $2.

What is a 1916 Australian penny worth?

What is a 1916 Australian penny coin worth?

VG F aUnc
$1 $5 $170

What is a 1916There is proof penny?

1916-D penny — A 1916Lincoln cent with a “D” mintmark was made at the Denver Mint and isIt is very rare. 1916There is proof penny — 1916For coin collectors, proof Lincoln wheat cents were produced at the Philadelphia Mint.

How much is a1951 Australian pennyWhat is it worth today?

Value of Penny 1951

Variety VG UNC
1951 – PL $0.45 $32.00
1951 $0.45 $34.10
1951 – Y. $0.45 $86.70

Are you older than 1 pennyWhat are coins worth?

Arguably, the most valuable. pennycoin isThe 1933 George V pennyWhich is worth an estimated value of £72,000. Although it was originally created as a a pattern coin – which means it is not intended for release into circulation – it isThey were believed to have been seven, making them very rare.

How much is a 1916s penny worth?

A 1916 pennyCan be worth anywhere between aFew Cents aFew thousand dollars Knowing whether you’ve got a 1916wheat pennyWith a value of 5 to 10 cents or one that’s worth the big bucks requires that you know aA few things about your coin

What isThe value of a 1916Indian Head penny?

Home > 1916> Indian Head Gold Eagles estimates the 1916S Indian Head Gold Eagle value is $1000 on average, while one in certified mint condition (MS+) could be worth $25,000

What isThe value of a 1916D wheat penny?

The 1916D Wheat Penny isThe average value is between $1.25 – $175.00

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