How much does Lustrolite cost?

How much does Lustrolite cost?

LUSTROLITE- 4MM BLUE ATOLL 39″ X 96″ SHZE1512H1. Blue Atoll. Lustrolite Panels. $19.58 per Sq.

Is acrylic a Lustrolite?

Lustrolite® is an award winning high gloss acrylic wall panel. It’s the perfect material to create stunning bathrooms, shower walls, and kitchen splashbacks.

Are acrylic panels any good?

Acrylic sheet is very durable and will not weather or discolour. As long as you maintain it regularly, it will keep its good looks for years. Plexiglass has the same levels of thermal efficiency as standard glass. It’s also UV- and moisture- resistant and this is why acrylic sheet is perfect for exterior applications.

What is Lustrolite made of?

Lustrolite is made from multi-layered acrylic with a high-performance hard coated surface, designed to look like back painted glass and available in nine stylish colours. The panels are strong and can be installed onto most backgrounds – including tiles so it’s a great solution for a quick refresh.

How do you cut Vistelle?

Using a circular saw will deliver a straight and accurate cut. Sacrificial timber board support must be used when cutting Vistelle panels.

How do you clean Lustrolite?

Lustrolite is easy to keep clean using warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth, chamois, or squeegee. Its hygienic, non-stick surface will not harbor the build up of mould, bacteria, soap or calcium. Due to the large panel sizes, grout usage is eliminated.

What is lustrolite and what does it look like?

Lustrolite is a replacement to tiles and looks like back painted glass. With a special hard coated top layer for extra scratch and chemical resistance, cleaning and maintaining your panels is nearly effortless.

Do you need grout on lustrolite bathroom panels?

Lustrolite panels will change the way you look at your bathroom and add a luxurious sparkle that lasts for year after year. Impervious to moisture, and large, hygienic panel sizes eliminate the need for grout.

How does high gloss acrylic shower wall panels work?

High gloss acrylic shower panels and backsplashes – These acrylic wall panels have a mirror like finish with an integrated fused color layer behind a thick optical grade clear acrylic layer. The material is coated in a high performance micro hard coat on the outer surface for extra scratch resistance.

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