How much does a ZYTO balance cost?

How much does a ZYTO balance cost?

Its lowest-priced model, the ZYTOCompass is available for $399 plus a $39.95 monthly subscription fee, and includes one library and measurement of 76 “biomarkers.” ZYTO’s high-end systems, which cost $9,750 or $14,750 plus $50 per month, assess 1,500+ “biomarkers” and provide access to as many libraries as the practitioner …

Does it ZYTOWork on Mac

Does it ZYTOSoftware works on Mac Computers ZYTOOnly software is compatible with the PC

What can you do? a ZYTOWhat does scan tell you?

You can measure your body to determine the galvanic response to skin care. a ZYTO scan determines what currently causes your body the most stress – from sleep disturbances to various food sensitivities to environmental contributors and more.

What does a ZYTO machine do?

A ZYTOThe scanner is aDevice used to perform aBio-investigation on the Human Body aBio-communication is also known as this process. In short, a ZYTOThe scanner asks you questions about your body, and records the responses as impulses.

What is zyto elite?

The ZYTOElite is a personalized biofeedback system designed to measure the body’s state of homeostasis (Homeostasis is an organism maintaining aStable internal environment that responds to external changes. The Elite 5.0 works in the same way as the polygraph. It sends stimuli and measures the body’s response.

Are you ZYTOAre scans accurate

The ZYTOHand Cradle is the only wellness scanner to have received FDA 510(k) clearance. We can confidently state that it is safe and accurate.

Are bioscans reliable?

The scan yields about 250 results that indicate the exact state and health of the patient. a patient. The Bioscan SWA results in all cases are consistent with laboratory findings. Again, the patient can see the report and know what’s is going on during evaluation and diagnosis.

HowDo you scan? a ZYTO?

Getting a ZYTObiocommunication scan aIt’s simple and painless. Simply place your hands on the ZYTOHand Cradle aThe scan is completed. Your body will respond to subtle energetic impulses that are sent during the scan. The body will respond naturally to these messages. ZYTOEach response is recorded by software

What does zytoscan negative numbers signify?

A positive number dR indicates that the response was more coherent or consistent than the baseline. This is called biological coherence. A negative number is assigned. aA less coherent response is indicative of biological aversion. A 0DR means that the response was the exact same as its baseline reading. a neutral response.

Is Bioscan correct?

BioScan SWA Speeds up Screening Lab Tests to Give Accurate Results aDoctor must give a diagnosis. Bioscan SWA is now used to facilitate lab tests. Bioscan SWA is a cost-saving tool aThe screening takes just 90 seconds and displays up to 250 parameters. It saves a lot of time and money.

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