How much does a Local 399 Apprenticeship make?

How much does a Local 399 Apprenticeship make?

An employee will be entitled to a 2.75 percent increase in their salary starting July 1, 2020. aMinimum salary $28.18 The employee will receive an increase of 3.0% on July 1, 2021. aMinimum Salary of $29.02.

Who is the president Local 399?

Patrick J. Kelly

Local 399Officers

Patrick J. Kelly President and Business Manager Ext. 2116 [email protected]
Neil Masterson Vice President Ext. 2113 [email protected]
Roger McGinty Financial Secretary Ext. 2125 [email protected]
John F. Hickey Treasurer Ext. 2111 [email protected]

HowHow do I become? a Local 399?

The first and best option is to call the Teamsters Local 399Number for your organization. They can be reached at (818) 985-5374 If you dial “1” at the prompt, aVoice message will inform you about the current status of your member classification.

What are the union dues? Local 399?

Remember that Quarterly Dues are $309 plus $4 credit card transaction fees totaling $313.

  • (This is a NEW Dues amount.
  • To avoid late fees, dues must be paid every January, April and July.
  • Late fees will be charged for any payments made beyond these months.

How muchWhat is the salary of Illinois’ operating engineers?

Operating Engineer Union Salary Chicago, IL

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $127,448 $10,620
75th Percentile $88,036 $7,336
Average $68,584 $5,715
25th Percentile $47,601 $3,966

Does it Local 399Drug test

DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING. The University may require that an employee be tested for drugs and alcohol. a reasonable suspicion that the employee has used drugs or alcohol or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work or on the University’s property.

HowMany members are in Local 399?

Membership Trend

Year Members
2016 9,148
2017 9,268
2018 9,593
2019 9,826

How much does a bulldozer driver make?

For example, bulldozer operators can earn aThe median salary for excavators is more than $35,000 and the higher ranges reach $43,000. Recent data shows that excavators can earn between $42,000 and $55,000, according to recent statistics.

How much doesHow much does it cost to join the Teamsters?

The Teamster dues rate, which includes license premiums, is 2.5 times our hourly rate. So, if you’re an AMT or work in facility maintenance and make $28.00 per hour (minus license premiums for AMTs), your monthly dues will be $70.

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