How much did Chaifetz Arena cost?

How much did Chaifetz Arena cost?

Chaifetz Arena (/ˈʃeɪfɛts/ SHAY-fets), located on the campus of Saint Louis University, is a 10,600 seat multi-purpose arena in St….Chaifetz Arena.

Opened April 10, 2008
Construction costs $80.5 Million ($96.8 Million in 2020 dollars).
Architect Sink Combs Dethlefs Mackey Mitchell Associates

Where do the St Louis Billikens go?

Chaifetz Arena

Saint Louis Billikens men’s basketball/Arenas/Stadiums

Where was the St Louis? Arena?

Enterprise Center

St. Louis Blues/Arenas/Stadiums

Who is performing at Legends of Hip Hop

Live Experience the Legends of Hip Hop Chaifetz ArenaSaturday, October 16th Featuring performances from 8 Ball & MJG Scarface, Mystikal Bun B, Too Short, Twista, Scarface, Scarface, Scarface, Scarface, Scarface, Scarface, Mystikal, Bun B and Too Short.

How muchRichard Chaifetz worth?

February 2018, ChaifetzSaint Louis University received another $15 million from Richard A. Richard, bringing his total contribution of $27 Million to the university. The university has named the business school after him, the Richard A….Richard Chaifetz.

Richard A. Chaifetz
Alma mater Saint Louis University Illinois School of Professional Psychology

HowMany people do this. Chaifetz Arena hold?


Chaifetz Arena/Capacity

HowBig is good Chaifetz Arena?

269,300 square foot

The total area of the structure is 269 300 square feet. The structure is managed and maintained by Spectra. Arena hosts numerous events in addition to Billiken basketball and volleyball, including SLU’s commencement and convocation ceremonies, concerts and other performing arts events, and trade shows.

What is the name and location of the St. Louis arena?

St. Louis Blues/Arenas/Stadiums

The Enterprise Center is a 18,096-seat arena in downtown St. Louis (Missouri), United States. It is home to the St. Louis Blues of National Hockey League. However, it can also be used for NCAA basketball, NCAA hockey, professional wrestling, and other functions.

When was St Louis established? Arena built?

September 23, 1929

St. Louis Arena (Old Location)/Opened

Who is ComPsych’s CEO and President?

Richard A. Chaifetz

ComPsych was founded by Dr. Richard A., our Chairman and CEO. Chaifetz.

Who is it? ChaifetzNamed after an arena

Chaifetz Arena, located on the campus of Saint Louis University, was named after him following his $12 million donation to the university….Richard Chaifetz.

Richard A. Chaifetz
Occupation Chairman and Chief executive Officer of ComPsych Corporation Chairman ChaifetzGroup
Known for Business Philanthropy Investment

What year was the St. Louis arena destroyed?

February 27, 1999

St. Louis Arena

Broke ground 1927
Opened September 23, 1929
Closed May 23, 1994
Demolished February 27, 1999

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