How many seasons of awkward is there?

How many seasons of awkward is there?


Awkward./Number of seasons

Is there a season 6 of awkward?

Awkward isA MTV-exclusive award-winning comedy series for teens that is currently airing.

How manyEpisodes ofAre you feeling awkward?


Awkward./Number ofEpisodes

Who is Sadie with? awkward?

Sadie Saxton

Relationships: Ricky Schwartz (ex-boyfriend, deceased) Austin Welch (ex-Boyfriend) Matty McKibben (former crush) Sergio (Boyfriend)
Enemies: Jenna Hamilton Ming Huang Clark Stevenson Angelique Youlch Collin Jennings Amber Horn
Illustration by: Molly Tarlov
First Appearance Pilot

Why did Val leave? awkward?

She is the Palos Hills High School’s Guidance Counselor, and later became the vice principal, but drops it to become a Guidance Counselor, but was later fired by the school’s principal after he read the school’s newspaper and Jenna Hamilton’s article ofValerie (during her rebellious period).

How manyEpisodes in Awkward Season 1


During the course ofThe series, 89 Episodes ofAwkward aired more than five times seasons, concluding on May 24, 2016….Series overview.

Season 1
Episodes 12
Original airing First aired July 19, 2011
Last aired September 27, 2011

How many episodes does Season 5 of awkward have?


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Season Episodes Original airing
First aired
4 21 September 23, 2014.
5 24 August 31, 2015
March 15, 2016

Will Jenna be with Matty, Luke, or both?

Matty is offered a job and Jenna continues to be friends with him. Jenna believes that he evades after they have sex. isJenna is embarrassed to be with Matty. In sympathy, Jenna and Matty become close friends with benefits. Jenna ends the relationship and falls in love with Luke, a college freshman.

Who are the main characters of the TV show Awkward

The show’s central character isJenna Hamilton ( Ashley Rickards), is a Palos Verdes, California teenager who struggles with identity, especially after an unfortunate accident. isIt was misinterpreted as a suicide attempt. The series premiered July 19, 2011. MTV renewed the series on August 24, 2011, for a second season.

When did Awkward’s TV show debut?

(TV Series 2011–2016) – IMDb Awkward. This video file cannot play. (Error Code 102630) A 15-year-old girl who is not popular gains instant, but unwanted, popularity at her high-school when the students mistakenly believe she was trying to commit suicide.

Is there going be a fourth season? of awkward?

In June 2013, it became known that Iungerich, the creator of the series, would be leaving after production. ofThe third season was completed in June 2013. MTV renewed the series in August 2013, with new showrunners Chris Alberghini replacing Iungerich.

How old isJenna from Awkward TV Show?

“Awkward” isThe show is about the unique events that define us in our formative years, sometimes for the best and sometimes the worst. Jenna Hamilton is fifteen years old and stars in the show. many, feels invisible to her peers and desperately wants to find her place–which isIt is difficult to do in a world where fitting in means standing out.

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