How many scene points do you earn with Scotiabank?

How many scene points do you earn with Scotiabank?

Earn 1 SCENE points for every $5 you spend on debit purchase transactions and Interac Flash† transactions from an eligible account.

What is 1000? scene points worth?

You can also use them for digital movie downloads at pointsWill get you $10 off. In either case, youGet a value of 1c per point Another way to redeem points pointsYou can get both concessions as well as a movie ticket by purchasing a combo.

HowThere is much to be thankful for. scene point worth?

SCENE Rewards points are worth an average of 1 cent for most redemptions. They can be used to redeem for movie tickets, dining vouchers, food and drinks withCineplex and selected restaurants. To calculate the average cash value for your SCENE points based on each redemption, you can use the SCENEPoints Value Calculator.

Can I exchange scene pointsFor money?

Convertible pointsMaximum 4 times per 24 hour period. Once converted, the conversion cannot be reversed or cancelled. These conversions are subjected to your Points Conversion Terms.

How manySCENE points do youDo you need popcorn free of charge?

Great Escape = 2 general entrances, 2 regular soft beverages, 1 regular popcorn = points. Great Escape 3D = 2 general 3D admissions with 2 regular soft drinks and 1 regular popcorn = 143 points.

Do SCENE points expire?

My SCENE will be accepted points ever expire? If you doSCENE will close the account and any SCENE accrued after you have not used it for 2 years. pointsYour property will be forfeited.

Can I transfer my SCENE? pointsTo someone else?

Can I transfer my SCENE? pointsTo a friend or family member SCENE pointsThey are not transferable at the moment. You can however treat your friend/family member as manyEnjoy free movies you’d like. Or you1500 can be redeemed offers a $10 Cineplex gift card

What can you do? you do withScotia Rewards points?

You can redeem it pointsYou can book flights, hotels, car rental, cruises, and many other services. Or, youYou might prefer doYou can do it all on your own. youYou can book travel withAny provider, on you own, and redeem pointsFor your trip expenses up to 12 months following the purchase date withApply Points to Travel feature

How manySCENE pointsWhat is a Dollar?

5 SCENE points

5 SCENE pointsFor every $1 spent, the amount will be rounded down to nearest whole dollar less any taxes or gratuities. SCENE members can redeem in increments up to 500 SCENE pointsGet $5 off your Cineplex food or drink purchases Only one SCENE member card can be used per purchase.

Can I transfer SCENE points?

Can I redeem SCENE pointsAt the Theatre

SCENE® pointsThese tickets can only be used at participating Cineplex Entertainment theaters or online. sceneFor other information, pointsOffers or rewards SCENE® pointsThese tickets can only be redeemed in participating Cineplex Entertainment theatres and online at sceneFor other information, pointsOffers or rewards

Can I redeem SCENE points for food?

* SCENE points may be earned and redeemed on food and drink (excluding Tim Hortons® and alcoholic beverages) at Cineplex theatres including Concessions, Outtakes®, YoYo’s Yogurt Café®, Pizza Pizza®, Poptopia®, Starbucks®, Cineplex VIP™ Lounges and in-seat dining.

Where can I use my Scotiabank Scene points?

The Bank of Nova Scotia is an authorized trademark user. SCENE points can be redeemed in participating Cineplex Entertainment theatres and online at sceneFor other information, pointsOffers (rewards). SCENE Visa cardholders will earn pointsPurchases made with their SCENE Visa card (“Card”).

What can you do? you do with Scotiabank rewards points?

Scotia Rewards Program you earnRedeem pointsFor travel, gift cards and merchandise. To learn more about Scotia Rewards, visit the Scotia Rewards website. How doHow do I apply for a new card?

What do you do withYour Scene points?

Redeem your SCENE pointsEnjoy FREE movies, meals, and other entertainment. 1,250 SCENE points is equal to 1 FREE General Admission movie ticket or $10 off your meal at great restaurants including Harvey’s, Bier Market and East Side Mario’s. Learn more about SCENE and how to redeem it pointsat

How many ScotiaCard pointsCineplex: Can I use it?

Within 2-3 business days, points earned at Cineplex Entertainment theatres with the SCENE ScotiaCard debit card will be updated. Maximum pointsPer transaction, 300 Maximum daily pointsThere are 600.

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