How do you make a falling snow effect in PowerPoint?

How do you make a falling snow effect in PowerPoint?

Let it snow

  1. Select all the flakes by pressing [Ctrl]+[A] and then click the Animations tab.
  2. From the Animation gallery, choose Fly Out.
  3. Click the Animation Pane option in the Advanced Animation group (if necessary) to display the Animation Pane.

How do you add snow to a slide?

Go to and search for “snow transparent”, choose the GIF you like the most and select it. Go to copy link and get it, once you have it copied to your clipboard, go to your Google Slide and select Insert > Image > By URL and paste the link.

Are there any free Power Point templates for snow?

Free snow PowerPoint templates are backgrounds and slide designs created for Christmas presentations featuring awesome snow illustrations like snowman, snow flakes and other awesome Christmas ornaments for PowerPoint 2010 and 2013. You can download free snow backgrounds for PowerPoint to make awesome presentations for Christmas and New Year.

How to add falling snow to a PowerPoint slide?

To fix that, press Ctrl+A to select all the flakes. Then, drag the entire group above (and off) the slide. It’s okay if a few flakes remain at the top of the slide, as shown in Figure G. Preview again. This time, the snowfall will appear smooth, and so, more natural.

How do you make snowflakes in PowerPoint?

Insert a rectangle on top of the slide and adjust it by dragging the corners so it’s exactly the same size as the slide. Send it to the back by right clicking and hitting Send to Back. Make sure all of the snowflakes fit into the rectangle, especially at the top and bottom edges.

What are the different types of snow animation?

Snow comes in many styles – large, small, star-shaped, and patterned – just to name a few. Choosing one really depends on what you like and what style of picture you’re using – some look better with photos (like the Large and Small on the left), and some (like Pattern) go better with illustrations.

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