How do you identify a famille rose?

How do you identify a famille rose?

Famille Rose (The Rose Family) is a French term applied to Chinese enamel decorated porcelains first produced in the early 18th century that utilized the newly introduced pink or rose colored enamel along with a palette of enamels in green, blue, aubergine, and yellow.

What is the difference between famille rose and rose medallion?

The classic “famille rose” red overglaze was imported from Europe. The pattern known as Canton was made from the first quarter of the 19th century up to the end of the century. Rose Medallion is the pattern with the widest variations in forms, pattern and quality.

What is famille rose medallion?

Rose medallion is one of the most popular types of Chinese porcelain found in traditional Western interior design. Famille rose porcelain refers to the color ‘rose’ or pink. The pink flowers seen on famille rose pieces are actually peonies, not roses.

Which kind of porcelain is decorated mostly by Famille Rose?


Chinese famille-rose porcelain refers to Chinese porcelain decorated with predominantly pink coloured enamel, made from colloidal gold, which was first used in the late Kangxi period. In early eighteenth century Chinese famille-rose was sometimes referred to as ‘fencai’ meaning foreign colour.

What is famille rose pattern?

Famille rose (French for “pink family”) is a type of Chinese porcelain introduced in the 18th century and defined by the presence of pink colour overglaze enamel. It is a Western classification for Qing dynasty porcelain known in Chinese by various terms: fencai, ruancai, yangcai, and falangcai.

Are rose medallions valuable?

Rose Medallion pieces that are more common, such as plates and drinkware, are typically valued below $100, making them perfect starter pieces for your collection. The oldest pieces of Rose Medallion china can be worth several thousand dollars.

What is Chinese famille?

famille rose, (French: “rose family”) group of Chinese porcelain wares characterized by decoration painted in opaque overglaze rose colours, chiefly shades of pink and carmine. These colours were known to the Chinese as yangcai (“foreign colours”) because they were first introduced from Europe (about 1685).

What is the difference between famille rose and famille verte?

The term famille rose meaning “pink family” was introduced together with famille verte (“green family”) in 1862 by Albert Jacquemart to classify Qing dynasty porcelain by their colour palettes. This is still the term most commonly used, although various other terms originating from Chinese are also used.

When was the first famille rose vase made?

Created in China circa 1840 and round in shape, the carved, colorful vase features floral decor, and is further e… Pair of famille rose porcelain lamps with gilt brass decoration. To the top of porcelain: 14.5″ (Lampshade not included).

What kind of pot does a famille rose have?

Small pot with loop handle, curved spout and domed cover with ball finial, the body painted after the Famille rose with chrysanthemum, flowers and leaves, all from mauve rocks on gre… A large tea-pot, or perhaps a punch pot, of globular form with loop handle. Painted in a vibrant wet palette after the Chinese.

How big is a bow Famille Rose Bowl?

The bow version of famille rose is particularly attractive, and massed pi… An unusual shape for bow, decorated with chinoiserie painting of typical motifs in the famille rose palette. 19th century Chinese famille rose porcelain large bowl from the Qing Dynasty. Very unique and hard to find, with a 40 cm diameter.

How big is a famille rose cider jug?

19th century Chinese famille rose porcelain large bowl from the Qing Dynasty. Very unique and hard to find, with a 40 cm diameter. Decorated all over beautifully with ancient Chinese… Chinese Export famille rose porcelain cider jug with double or cross strap handles. There are court scenes in the most colorful hues.

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