How do I create an artist page on Resident Advisor?

How do I create an artist page on Resident Advisor?

You’ll need to be listed on a lineup on RA If you’ve played at a dance music event in the past – either online or in the club – then there’s a good chance you’ll already be listed. If you haven’t, then you can click here to submit your own event and add your artistAdd your name to the list

What happened to the resident advisor?

ResidentAdvisor suspended the polls in 2017 because of growing concerns about diversity, and their increasing influence onThe music industry.

How do IAsk for a refund from a resident advisor.

You can cancel at any time. (Provided your ticket hasn’t already sold.) Simply go to My Tickets and click on “Keep Ticket.” Once resold, the original ticket is cancelled, you are notified immediately and refunded the full face-value (minus the booking fee) within a few days.

How do I delete anEvent on Resident Advisor?

  1. Go to My Events. Select Event Management onThe relevant event.
  2. Select Ticketing Management
  3. Select Stop Sales next the ticket type you wish to stop.

HowHow much does it take to sell tickets? on Resident Advisor?

We know how to sell tickets in this world, and we give you a level of support and guidance you won’t get anywhere else. For promoters, it’s free. More than four million electronic music lovers use it ResidentEach month Advisor. RA Tickets is a unique way to reach a large audience.

Who is a resident advisor

ResidentAdvisors (RAs), who are students who live and work in residence halls, have the key functions of facilitating community development as well as ensuring the efficient management of the residences. Below are the six main roles of a Residence Advisor (RA).

How do I email a resident advisor?

You can reach our office here: [email protected] For any general questions or feedback, it’s: [email protected]

Can you cancel RA Tickets?

3.2 In such cases, RA will only reimburse the face value of your ticket. Refunds of any booking fee or card fees are not possible. 3.8 Refund requests must be made via email to RA within 14 days of the event.

How do I cancel my RA ticket?

Tickets can be transferred or refunded If you’re unable to attend, tickets can be moved to another day or refunded up to the day of attendance. Please contact the RA Box Office onEmail or call 0207 300 8090 [email protected]

How do IHow to add RA tickets to an Apple wallet?

You can add your Apple Wallet ticket onYou can either save it to your iPhone or Android phone using the order details page. This pageThis will display the QR code, date, and time of your show. This is how it works page you will see “Add to Wallet” text (or “Save to Phone”) onThe top right corner of the screen.

Who can serve as a resident advisor

Qualifications anRA: You are a registered aide during the academic year. anTo be a RA, you must have full-time student status. Have been at USC for at most one year (or one semester) and have maintained a 2.5 semester GPA (for graduate students).

It is ResidentDo you want to be an advisor?

Function of Position: This is the function of the ResidentAdvisor is to collaborate with other ResidentLife staff members and residents of halls to assist anStudents are encouraged to develop their intellectual, social and moral skills in a residence hall.

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