Are all GE wall ovens the same size?

Are all GE wall ovens the same size?

Wall ovens can be 24″, 27″, or 30″ wide, and a few brands now make 36″ options as well. The wall oven’s overall width is different from the cavity width. The wall oven’s front overlaps the cutout area. Older wall ovens tend to be smaller, so it’s important not to assume the width and other measurements!

Are GE wall ovens any good?

Conclusion. GE wall ovens are one of the best in the industry in cooking performance, vast selection, range of price points, reliability, and self-clean. GE and GE Profile are safe cooking choices all around.

How do I know what size wall oven I need?

Think about how much cooking space you need. Single wall oven capacities usually start at around 2 to 3.5 cubic feet of cooking space for 24-inch-wide models. If you’re looking to replace a full-sized kitchen range, opt for 27- or 30-inch wall ovens with 4 to 5 cubic feet of capacity.

Where is the model number on my wall oven?

You’ll find your wall oven’s model number along the top left-hand side of the front panel. You’ll find your cooktop’s model number is located underneath the burner box.

How long does a GE wall oven last?

A wall oven or range typically lasts about 16 years if it’s properly maintained. Even though oven lifespan varies, you may reasonably expect that your oven will work for more than a decade—even two decades on the higher end of the spectrum.

How does a self clean GE oven work?

We appreciate you being a part of our GE Appliance family over the years! This model has the self-clean feature in both the upper and lower ovens. Both ovens can be set at the same time for a clean cycle however, the last oven will automatically delay the start of the cleaning process until the end of the first ovens cleaning cycle.

Are there any GE oven racks that never scrub?

These are our Never Scrub self clean racks and are made of heavy-gauge steel, electronically welded, and porcelain enamel coated (black in color). They can be left in the oven during self-clean. If needed, you can order replacement racks at

What’s the kW rating of a GE double wall oven?

This unit, has the KW rating at 240V and 208V, which bother require a 40AMP circuit size. These instructions can be found on page 6 of the installation instructions manual that we have linked below. We hope this is helpful information.

What are the features of a GE double convection oven?

FEATURES Configuration Double Oven Cooking System True European Convection (Upper) Oven Cleaning Type Self-Clean with Steam Clean Option Cleaning Time Variable with Delay Clean Option Oven Cooking Modes Convection Bake Multi-Rack (Upper Oven)

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