Polina Malinovskaya Net Worth

Having a lot of followers on Instagram, Polina Malinovskaya is an emerging Russian star. This talented actress and model has been known for her amazing performance on the social networking site. She is also known for her stunning looks and charming personality. The young model is very popular on TikTok, where she uploads lip-syncing video clips. Although Polina has yet to reveal her net worth, she is predicted to have a net worth of $900k in the next two years.

Polina Malinovskaya, who is of Russian descent, was born in Belarus in June 1998. The young model attended school in her hometown. She also studied fashion in college. Polina is currently an ambassador for Fashion Nova. She is an active social media personality, and posts exotic pictures on Instagram. She has around two million followers.

Polina Malinovskaya has a perfect body shape. She is 165 cm tall, with a small waistline. She is a fan of blue. She also likes places that have the sea. Her favorite actress is Margot Robbie. She also loves to pose in bikinis. She has a pet dog, Chewbacca.

Polina Malinovskaya was born into a middle class Belorussian family. Her parents are of Italian and Russian descent. Her father is a doctor, while her mother is a nurse. She grew up in a local private school. As a child, Polina participated in fancy dress competitions. After she finished her schooling, she decided to pursue a career in video. Her passion for modeling led her to Italy, where she worked as a model for a number of brands. She eventually moved to Milan for her modeling career. In Milan, Polina became a celebrity. She also started to work as a social media influencer. She has more than two million followers on Instagram.

Polina Malinovskaya speaks Russian and Belarusian. She has a bachelor’s degree. She has a small tattoo in the center of her chest. She has dark brown eyes. Her hair is blonde. She has a bra cup size of 36 C. She has an oval face cut. Besides modeling, she is a comedian. She also posts beauty hacks in her Instagram stories. In fact, Polina has over 2.4 million followers on her verified Instagram page.

Polina Malinovskaya started her online networking career in the mid 2010s. She has been working in demonstrating profession since 16 years. Polina has been earning a lot of money. Moreover, her fame has helped her to earn promotional deals from a number of brands. Although Polina hasn’t revealed her net worth, she is expected to have a net worth of $900k by the end of the year. This is definitely going to increase in the future.

Polina Malinovskaya’s parents support her dreams of becoming a model. She has made multiple videos on her social media account and her popularity has led to promotional deals with brands. Although Polina is not interested in men, she has a cute dog named Chewbacca.