Planning a Wedding – Should Place Cards Have Titles?

When you are planning a wedding, you will need place cards to display the names of your guests. These can be handmade or you can buy place card templates. Regardless of which method you choose, your place cards should include the guest’s name and a table number. You may also want to add a title, like Master, Miss or Mrs. The titles you choose will vary depending on the type of wedding you are planning.

Place cards should be placed on a napkin that has been folded in half. They should be the same color, font and thickness as the other cards on the table. The cards should be written with a small tipped pen so that the lines are clear and easy to read. Make sure to double check your writing before you drop the cards off at the reception.

If you are a bride, you may have one place card for each of your immediate family members. This is a good idea when you are planning a formal event and you don’t want to get everyone’s names confused. On the other hand, if you are planning a relaxed wedding, you can give each guest a first and last name and use a more informal design.

In a formal wedding, you will need to have place cards for every guest. Some wedding planners will have the venue set up the cards, but if you are planning to make them yourself, there are a few tips you should know.

First, you will need to know how many place cards you will need to print. Depending on your seating plan, you will need a certain number of place cards for each guest. It is best to use the same paper and color for all of your place cards. Also, remember to write the names on each card before you print them. A computer printer will not allow you to print out the names on your own.

To avoid confusion, you will need to write the name of the guests on the back of the card. If you are using a place card template, the names should be in the same order. For instance, if you are going to list the table numbers on the back of the cards, you should do it in alphabetical order, with the table numbers starting with the last name.

If you are unsure of how to write the names on the back of the place cards, you can ask a friend or family member to do the job for you. You can also find a calligrapher to do the work for you. Many stationery stores and online stores offer calligraphy services. However, a calligrapher will be much more expensive than a simple pencil or pen.

If you decide to handwrite your place cards, you will need to find a sturdy surface and a pen or pencil with a small point. Writing by hand is hard, but there are a lot of resources available that teach you how to do it. There are even free templates available on Google.